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Mediation Neutral Spotlights & Profiles Through the Lens Series

Through the Lens: Focus on Doug Oles

Constructive Conversations and Building Bridges Through Mediation

Doug Oles, Esq., FCIArb, shares insights from his 30-year career in arbitration and mediation and his robust background in both litigation and transactional work. A recognized national leader in the construction field, Mr. Oles has held leadership roles as the national chair of the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law and president of the American College of Construction Lawyers. His extensive background includes the intricate tasks of litigating, negotiating and drafting contracts, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of both civil and common law.

Highlighting the advantages of mediation, Mr. Oles articulates its ability to expedite settlements and reduce legal expenses while uniquely preserving—and potentially enhancing—business relationships.

"I think the success of mediation arises from a fact that it allows the parties not only to reach an accelerated settlement and save legal costs, but also sometimes to structure the settlement in a way that a court couldn't do and in a way that maybe even allows them to preserve a business relationship between the litigants."

Mr. Oles’ meticulous nature and emphasis on preparation lends itself to a deep understanding of each case at hand. He likens mediation to holding up a mirror to the strengths and weaknesses of a case, an approach that fosters both transparency and fairness.

Learn more about Mr. Oles’ ADR style and experience in this informative video:

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