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Alternative Dispute Resolution Neutral Spotlights & Profiles Through the Lens Series

Through the Lens: Focus on Eric Watness

Navigating the Nuances of Negotiation

Eric Watness brings a distinct perspective to the world of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), combining years of judicial experience with a passion for mediation and arbitration. As a former court commissioner, Commissioner Watness transitioned to ADR to explore the potential of negotiations in resolving disputes outside the courtroom. His approach emphasizes the value of preparation,

"I think the hallmark of a successful arbitration is good preparation.”

Commissioner Watness also believes attorneys play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth arbitration process. His experience covers a wide range of practice areas, from family law to business dissolutions, each treated with the same diligence and dedication to fair resolution. Commissioner Watness' commitment to empowering individuals to settle their own cases underlines his belief in the transformative potential of mediation, where every story matters and every voice can be heard.


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