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Alternative Dispute Resolution Neutral Spotlights & Profiles Through the Lens Series

Through the Lens: Focus on Jeff Grubman

From Precision to Persuasion

Jeffrey Grubman, Esq., is a distinguished ADR professional with a remarkable career spanning over 2,000 mediations across 36 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Known for his innovative settlement techniques, Grubman excels in resolving complex cases, including class actions and multiparty disputes.

Grubman emphasizes the importance of persistence and adaptability in mediation, stating,

"It's understanding who you're dealing with and just making people feel comfortable from the beginning.”

His intelligent approach allows him to tailor his strategy to fit the needs of all involved, enhancing the effectiveness of the process and increasing the likelihood of achieving resolution.

Beyond mediation, Grubman is a respected lecturer and author on ADR topics, sharing his insights with legal professionals nationwide. He’s committed to sharing his knowledge and the positive benefits of ADR throughout the legal community.

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