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Talent Development

Talent Development

JAMS Talent Development Philosophy

At JAMS, we believe training and professional development are key factors in achieving our mission of being The Resolution Experts and providing the highest quality dispute resolution services to our clients and to our local, national, and global communities. JAMS strives to continually improve our “resolution expertise.”

One of the ways we accomplish this is by encouraging the professional growth of our employee associates through JAMS Talent Development (TD) Department. This department serves as a conduit to instill corporate values, culture, philosophy, history, and more. JAMS TD team is a valuable resource beginning with an employee associate’s first day on the job and throughout his or her career at JAMS.

Regular training and learning opportunities play an integral role in cultivating a professional and collegial environment that helps JAMS to attract, retain, and develop the highest quality associates. They are an important investment that allows associates to prosper and leads to increased job satisfaction, morale, process efficiencies, adaptability to new technologies and methods, and performance excellence.

Internal, external, and online training programs cover a variety of topics which typically include new hire orientation, communications, computer skills, customer service, team building, quality initiatives, and sexual harassment training.

The TD team, under the guidance of the Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, works to ensure the purpose and value of talent development continues to be reinforced through consistent, effective, and valuable programs to reinforce a “learning organization” culture at JAMS.

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