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Columbus, Ohio

JAMS Ohio Mediation, Arbitration and ADR Services

Drawing on 40+ years of experience, JAMS handles an average of 18,000 cases each year, from two-party mediations to complex, multi-party arbitrations. Our roster of 400+ highly skilled neutrals includes retired state and federal court judges as well as former litigators, transactional attorneys and other ADR practitioners. Clients in Columbus have access to our entire panel and their diverse practice area experience, including neutrals who handle construction, insurance and health care matters.

As the world’s largest private ADR provider, JAMS offers concierge-level client service—including trained virtual ADR moderators, state-of-the-art technology and a network of world-class Resolution Centers. Whether you prefer a virtual or in-person format, our team of seasoned case managers will handle all scheduling logistics and help you choose the most appropriate mediator or arbitrator to resolve your dispute.

To schedule a case in Columbus or any other location in Ohio, please contact Asi Dayne at or (313) 209-8861.

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Resolving cases ranging in size, industry and complexity

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Navigating Legal and Business Disputes Arising from the Global Crisis.

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Resolve Your Dispute Using JAMS Virtual Mediation and Arbitration

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