Current Trends in International Arbitration

Program Overview
With international arbitration continuing to grow rapidly as a preferred method for resolving cross-border commercial disputes, it is more important than ever to understand the advantages, drawbacks, peculiarities and pitfalls of this unique form of dispute resolution. This program will provide valuable insights to experienced and new lawyers alike regarding the practice of international arbitration and its value as a forum for resolving a wide variety of disputes that cross international borders. The program will include a luncheon with a keynote address by Gary Born, a leading authority on international commercial arbitration and one of the most sought-after arbitrators in the world. Mr. Born will speak on his novel proposal to expand the use of international commercial arbitration through adoption of bilateral arbitration treaties (BATs) inspired by the bilateral investment treaties (BITs) that underpin investor-state arbitration.


Panel 3: Pitfalls and Challenges for the Advocate in International Arbitration Proceedings (2-3 p.m.)
International arbitration is a world unto itself, with its own distinctive policies, procedures, and practices that set it apart from trial practice in other venues. This panel of experienced arbitrators and arbitration counsel will lift the veil on secrets to successful, persuasive advocacy and to avoiding common pitfalls in international arbitration practice.

Moderator: Andrea K. Bjorklund, McGill University Faculty of Law


  • Robert Davidson, JAMS
  • Maria Chedid, Arnold & Porter
  • Jack Coe, Pepperdine University School of Law

Panel 4: International Arbitration in California: California-Specific Issues and Trends (3:15-4:15 p.m.)
California is the 9th largest economy in the world. Is the use of international arbitration involving California-related transactions focused in certain industries or geographic regions? With the continuing growth in global cross-border transactions, is international arbitration in California keeping pace? What should practitioners and arbitrators know about arbitration in California? This panel will tackle various California-specific issues and trends in international arbitration practice and procedure.

Moderator: Jeffery J. Daar, Daar & Newman


  • Richard Chernick, JAMS
  • Neil A. F. Popovic, Sheppard Mullin
  • Steven L. Smith, Jones Day

Panel 5: Report on Trends and Regional Developments from Arbitral Institutions (4:15-5:15 p.m.)
New centers of arbitration are cropping up around the world and established centers are adapting to the changing landscape of international arbitration. This panel will discuss regional and institutional trends and developments from the perspective of administrators of arbitral institutions.

Moderator: Anton A. Ware, Arnold & Porter


  • Jay Welsh, JAMS
  • Steve Andersen, ICDR
  • Chiann Bao, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
  • Seok Hui Lim, Singapore International Arbitration Centre
  • Suzanne Ulicny, ICC International Court of Arbitration

For additional information and registration, please visit the State Bar of California.