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JAMS Miami

2020 Richard DeWitt Memorial Vis Pre-Moot Competition

Presented by the International Law Section of the Florida Bar

CLE Seminar Workshop Credit: CLE Credit Available

JAMS is proud to host the 2020 International Law Section (ILS) of the Florida Bar Pre-Moot VIS Competition on February 29, 2020. This annual event organized by the ILS and hosted by JAMS aims at giving students an opportunity to practice and sharpen their skills by presenting and defending their legal arguments and receiving feedback from some of the best practitioners in the field.

Students must argue the jurisdictional, procedural and substantive issues raised by the case before a panel composed of practitioners, under the applicable international treaties and rules. The subject matter of the competition is typically a controversy that arises out of a dispute governed by the United Nation’ Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. In prior years the dispute has been governed by ICC rules, UNCITRAL rules, and the New York Convention has been applied.

The event brings together practitioners and students that share a passion for international law. Practitioners can also receive CLE credit for their contribution.

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