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Sports Mediation: An Underused Tool in Resolving Sporting Disputes

Sports Mediation: An Underused Tool in Resolving Sporting Disputes

Presented By Asian International Arbitration Centre

Please join JAMS Neutral, Jeffrey G. Benz, Esq., CEDS, a speaker in the webinar series titled “Sports Mediation: An Underused Tool in Resolving Sporting Disputes,” hosted by the Asian International Arbitration Centre (“AIAC”) on September 29th. In an effort to increase public awareness on sporting disputes and promote the development of sports law, AIAC dedicates an entire month to the promotion and development of sports law and sports dispute resolution which includes sports arbitration and mediation through the hosting of various interactive sports-related events and talks. 

Unlike arbitration, mediation has not made as much buzz in resolving sports disputes. Indeed, mediation has the potential to provide a much quicker, cost-efficient, effective and less stressful resolution for all parties involved as opposed to cases brought through arbitration or before the courts. Mediation is also versatile enough to accommodate a range of disputes, be it from a multi-million dollar sponsorship contract, to the break down in the relationship between a player and a coach.  Regardless of this, there still remains a reluctance to mediate sports disputes, especially internationally.  Why then has mediation not seen utility as extensively as arbitration in sports? Jeffrey Benz along with the panel of speakers will share their views on the use of mediation in resolving sports related disputes, discuss the development of sports mediation throughout the years as well as share why it would make sense to opt for mediation prior to proceeding with adjudicatory actions.

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Jeffrey G. Benz, Esq., CEDS

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Jeffrey G. Benz, Esq., FCIArb, FCollArb, CEDS
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