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Third Annual Trade Secrets Protection, Enforcement, and Litigation

Third Annual Trade Secrets Protection, Enforcement, and Litigation

Presented by Sandpiper Partners

Join the Third Annual Trade Secrets Protection, Enforcement, and Litigation conference to learn about the latest trends and strategies in the civil trade secrests case field. This year's program will address the impacts of COVID-19 and the risk of trade secret misappropriation due to the large numbers of workers unemployed, continuing large remote workforces, the economic recession, cyber-attacks, and technology challenges from increased use of remote devices. 

Attendees can expect to:

  • Develop new strategies for restrictive covenants and non–competes which are experiencing  growing numbers of challenges and changes in interpretations by the courts
  • Hear from a unique combination of panelists in one session, including 4  Judges, current and former Assistant U.S. Attorneys, FBI, corporate counsel, law firm experts, and consulting experts
  • Learn about the latest best practices in managing and protecting trade secrets throughout the trade secret life cycle, from development through litigation
  • Gain practical tips for managing risk and avoiding pitfalls with employees, joint venture partners, vendors, etc.
  • Receive an update on latest cybersecurity tools to detect external and/or internal threats and forensic investigative tactics when theft is suspected or detected
  • Learn about recent important California cases, decisions in other jurisdictions, damages awards, and settlements, including
  • Learn about increased focus on thefts involving biotech, tech and Chinese entities
  • COVID-19 impact on trials, ADR, e-discovery

Featured JAMS Speaker

Hon. Elizabeth D. Laporte (Ret.)

Featured People

Hon. Elizabeth D. Laporte (Ret.)
  • Antitrust & Competition
  • Business Commercial
  • Civil Rights
  • Class Action & Mass Tort
  • Employment Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Federal Law
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • International & Cross-Border
  • Life Sciences
  • Professional Liability
  • Securities
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