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Tips & Techniques to Succeed with Virtual ADR


Tips & Techniques to Succeed with Virtual ADR

Presented by ACC (Association of Corporate Counsel)

Video conferences and conference calls are tools that JAMS has long used to successfully resolve thousands of disputes of all kinds. Over the past few weeks, the legal community has overcome court closures, travel restrictions, and citywide lock-downs to keep matters moving. Resolving legal disputes has more urgency than ever. Mediators are turning to Online Dispute Resolution in ways that turn out to be effective, efficient and successful if you know how to use them.

Join this conversation and benefit from the experience of three top neutrals as they discuss best practices in the new world of Online Alternative Dispute Resolution.


  • Benefits of Virtual ADR: Efficiencies and enhancements
  • Preparing for Mediation: Technical requirements, administrative assistance, practice sessions, and optimizing professional appearance online
  • Effective Advocacy in an Online Environment: Reading the “virtual” room, effective communication, client control, and momentum building techniques
  • Tools for Virtual Proceedings: Breakout rooms, joint sessions, group chats, screen sharing, and documentation
  • Confidentiality Safeguards: Document exchange, recording, password protection, and more
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