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Tips For Success in Your Zoom Divorce

Tips For Success in Your Zoom Divorce

Presented by the American Bar Association Family Law Section

Judge Deborah D. Fleck (Ret.) joins a panel for a program that will help you gain confidence and improve your Zoom trial skills.  The Marital Property committee presents a brown bag which will provide a real-time demonstration of how to organize and present financial documents in a Zoom trial. During this brown bag, we will also share successful tips on how to present marital property evidence through an expert at trial. 

If you have yet to experience a Zoom proceeding or have anxiety about doing it again, this brown bag will help you to understand the technical process and give you some best practices from experienced practitioners.

Featured JAMS Speakers:

Judge Deborah D. Fleck (Ret.) 

Featured People

Judge  Deborah D. Fleck (Ret.)
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