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Construction Law and Arbitration: The Way Forward

Construction Law and Arbitration: The Way Forward

Presented by the Society of Construction Law India

Join The Society of Construction Law (India) for a 3-day international virtual conference on “Construction Law and Arbitration: The Way Forward."

Registration for the conference ends December 3, 2021.

This event will feature various interactive events, like plenary discussions, debates, fireside chats, and roundtables and include a variety of speakers such as judges, lawyers, construction professionals, academicians, industry leaders, engineers and analysts, and other professionals from across the globe to engage in formative dialogues, deliberating upon the way forward for construction law and arbitration.

Featured JAMS Panel

Session 4B: The Use of Mediation for Resolving Construction Disputes – An Exclusive by Maadhyam International Council for Conflict Resolution

Session Topics
  • Can construction disputes be mediated successfully
  • International experience in mediating construction disputes
  • What convinces contractors and/ or employers to mediate for resolution (instead of arbitrating matters)
  • Reasons for the lack such practice in India’s construction industry
  • Will the enactment of the Mediation Bill change the landscape of construction dispute resolution
  • Applied tools and techniques in construction mediations
  • Role of the mediator: evaluative v/s facilitative.

Featured Speakers

  • Rosemary Jackson QC, Mediator & Conciliator, Keating Chambers
  • Philip L. Bruner, Esq., Arbitrator, Mediator, Neutral Resolver, and Dispute Board Member, JAMS
  • Anil Changaroth, MD, ChangAroth Chambers LLC & ChangAroth InterNational Consultancy
  • Jatin Jalundhwala, Senior VP – Legal, Adani Power Ltd

Featured People

Philip L. Bruner, Esq.
  • Construction
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Governmental & Public Agency
  • International & Cross-Border
  • Surety
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