(Webinar Series) Commercial Stability in a World of Conflict: Effective Dispute Management in Uncertain Times, Part 4

Presented by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and JAMS

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Webinar Series: Commercial Stability in a World of Conflict: Effective Dispute Management in Uncertain Times

The fall-out of armed and economic conflict, including the huge volume of commercial disputes triggered and/or caused by the conflict is overwhelming. This series will take a considered, clear-eyed look at the types of disputes, sectors and industries affected. Those attending will benefit from real-life examples of how to deal with economic disruption in times of geo-political uncertainty: contract disruption, supply chain disruption, raw material shortage, lack or over-supply of goods, human and capital displacement. It will provide a forum for discussion of market needs for information, education, and framing, and what the community of dispute resolvers can contribute to maintain and strengthen the system that underpins all international commerce, the rule of law.

Part 4: Civil-Commercial and international law

The last part of the series will discuss practical advice that experienced dispute resolvers can offer on the changing face of international commercial law and dispute resolution practice coming out of the current situation.

Featured Speakers:

  • Ana Gerdau de Borja Mercereau, CIArb, Senior Associate, Derains & Gharavi 
  • Victoria Marquez-Mees, Chief Accountability Officer (IPAM), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Francis Xavier, FCIArb


  • Niki Borofsky, Esq., Senior Global Practice Manager, JAMS
  • Isabel Phillips, Ph.D, FRSA, Director of ADR and Mediation Development, CIArb (UK)

Start time: 5:00 am Pacific Time / 8:00 am Eastern Time / 1:00 pm London Time.

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