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35th Annual ITA Workshop and Annual Meeting


35th Annual ITA Workshop and Annual Meeting

Presented by The Center for American and International Law and the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA)

JAMS is a proud sponsor of the 35th Annual ITA Workshop and Annual Meeting, a widely recognized leading conference taking place in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Join us as esteemed JAMS neutrals, alongside renowned faculty, ITA community members, and colleagues from across the globe, come together to explore the captivating world of international arbitration. This year's theme, "Remedies in International Arbitration: Empowering Arbitral Authority for Effective Redress," promises thought-provoking discussions and invaluable insights.

The 35th Annual ITA Workshop examines how the system of international arbitration gives effect to the legal rights of the parties by granting effective and enforceable remedies. The Workshop considers the perspectives of parties, counsel, and arbitrators regarding the power and practice of arbitral tribunals in awarding remedies, including non-monetary remedies. The Workshop considers whether the current legal framework governing international arbitration meets the needs and expectations of its users with respect to remedies or whether systemic changes are needed to ensure that international arbitration can deliver effective redress for disputing parties.

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