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Top Five Critical Lessons from Mediators of Trust and Estate Disputes

Presented by California Lawyers Association

Webinar CLE Credit: CLE Available

Join a panel of five esteemed mediators of trust and estate disputes including Honorable James P. Gray (Ret.), Honorable Jamoa A. Moberly (Ret.), Honorable Glen M. Reiser (Ret.), Bette Epstein, Esq. and Bruce S. Ross, Esq., together with moderator Kristin Yokomoto, Esq. as we explore the intricacies of successful mediations. Trust and estate litigation is on the rise and so are the number of disputes being successfully resolved outside of the courtroom through mediation. Unlike other types of disputes, trust and estate fights often involve the break-down of family relationships over inheritances. These experienced mediators will discuss the top five critical lessons on dealing with challenges of mediating trust and estate disputes including:

  • importance of advanced preparation by the lawyers and mediator and well prepared pre-mediation briefs
  • role of the disputants’ understanding of mediation and how mediators can help establish realistic expectations during the mediation
  • standards of conduct for mediators and mediation confidentiality,
  • differences between evaluative and facilitative mediation styles and the time and place for a mediator’s proposal to progress through an impasse
  • hidden forces that shape a disputant’s decisions and dealing with high conflict personalities.

They will also share touching stories about apology and the opportunities to help families build bridges to be able to potentially reconnect with each other.

Interact with the Mediators: The presentation will allow time for attendees to interact with these top trust and estate mediators who contribute to helping resolve these complex family disputes.

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