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  • The Weinstein-JAMS International Fellowship (2019)
  • JAMS Foundation Hosts Fourth International Fellowship Workshop (2012)
    The fourth annual gathering of Weinstein Fellows provides opportunities for in-depth ADR education, collaborative problem solving and cultural exchange in San Francisco and Napa, CA, with participating experts from the fields of mediation, conflict resolution education and human rights.
  • JAMS Foundation Hosts Third International Fellowship Workshop (2011)
    The 2011 gathering of Weinstein Fellows celebrates the continuing development of the JAMS Foundation’s International Fellowship program, including current Fellows, alumni, and distinguished experts from the fields of international diplomacy, international human rights, and conflict resolution education and practice.
  • The Recorder Interviews Three Members of the 2010 Class of Weinstein International Fellows
    Recorder Interviews Three Members of the 2010 Class of Weinstein International Fellows
    The Recorder, San Francisco’s legal newspaper, interviews members of the 2010 class of Weinstein International Fellows. Includes excerpts of the interviews with Nicola White (Ireland), Ximena Bustamante (Ecuador), and Hagit Shaked-Gvili (Israel), discussing their backgrounds and goals for the development of ADR in their home countries.
  • JAMS Foundation Hosts Second International Fellowship Workshop (2010)
    A 2010 gathering honoring the second class of Weinstein International Fellows at the Weinstein Mediation Center in Napa, CA, including 2010 Fellows and distinguished experts from the fields of international human rights and conflict resolution. 
  • JAMS Foundation Hosts First International Fellowship Workshop (2009)
    The Weinstein International Fellowship program, inaugurated in 2008, provides opportunities for qualified individuals from outside the U.S. to study ADR practices in the U.S in order to expand the use of ADR in their home countries. This 2009 gathering of the first generation of Weinstein Fellows honors their individual accomplishments and their commitment to the development of ADR in their home countries and beyond.
  • JAMS Foundation Funds Teacher Training Consortium
    An ambitious initiative to provide conflict resolution education and training to pre-service and in-service teachers across the U.S. In collaboration with a consortium of nationally recognized educators and trainers, this continuing grant funds programs in major cities throughout the U.S. in an expansive effort to create a culture of conflict prevention and dispute resolution in schools nationwide.

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JAMS, the nation’s premier provider of commercial dispute resolution services, established the non-profit JAMS Foundation to provide financial assistance for conflict resolution initiatives with national and international impact and to share its dispute resolution experience and expertise for the benefit of the public interest.

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