JAMS Society

JAMS Society

JAMS Society was created in 2002 to recognize and support volunteer opportunities and community involvement for JAMS associates at a local, "hands-on" level. All associates are encouraged to become members of their local society to collaborate on outreach programs, or to work individually on a project of their choice. JAMS Society members participate in a diverse array of volunteer activities around the country ranging from cleaning up the environment to improving the lives of children and seniors.

Whether through charity, leadership, or camaraderie, the collective groups that comprise JAMS Society represent the very core of our Mission, Vision, and Values.

JAMS Society members have elected to make a positive change in their communities by participating in the following recent projects:

2014 Recap
JAMS Society 2014 Recap

  • Adopt-a-family programs
  • AIDS Walk
  • Blood drives
  • Clothing drives for shelters, the homeless, and the Salvation Army
  • Delivery of meals to homebound senior citizens
  • Food drives
  • Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  • School supplies for less fortunate children