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About JAMSconnect, powered by CourtCall

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JAMSconnect, powered by CourtCall1, is an online video application solution that offers parties a practical and timely alternative to a traditional mediation session. JAMSconnect is ideal for low to moderate value claims ($100,000 or less) ready to be resolved in a two-hour session where time or money is too limited to warrant an in-person mediation session. While JAMSconnect is an efficient option for many types of cases, it may not be appropriate for all cases. Please contact us to discuss whether JAMSconnect is the right ADR format for your matter.

With JAMSconnect you can access the high-quality mediation expertise you expect from JAMS and enjoy the convenience that an online platform offers. A standard JAMSconnect session includes a two-hour mediation session with a video and phone connection for up to four participants, plus the mediator. With credit card billing, no additional administration fees and a flexible cancellation policy, JAMSconnect provides real cost and time efficiencies.

Key Platform Features:

  • Real-time streaming video
  • Participation by up to 16 participants2
  • Virtual caucus rooms for private conversations with the mediator
  • Online chat functionality
  • Document sharing
  • Electronic signature capability
  • Operator support for a seamless experience

How It Works
The JAMSconnect platform is easily accessible, requiring only a phone and computer with a webcam, to conduct a mediation from anywhere. If parties have determined their matter is appropriate for a JAMSconnect mediation, you can submit a case inquiry by completing the form below or by contacting us directly at 1-844-WebJAMS or 1-844-932-5267 or

A JAMSconnect case manager will then help parties select a neutral from the JAMSconnect exclusive panel and assist in the case convening process.

Once the mediation session has been scheduled, confirmed participants will receive information about how to access the JAMSconnect mediation session, including dial-in instructions for audio as well as a link to access the video portion of the session.

The parties will receive a fee agreement and confidentiality agreement which must be completed and returned in order to confirm the mediation session.

Cancellation Policy
JAMSconnect has a two business day cancellation policy. See JAMSconnect FAQ’s below for more details about our cancellation policy.

Click here to download frequently asked questions.

Our Mediators
Our mediators are highly regarded by the bench and bar for their impartiality and ability to quickly identify critical issues. They conduct proceedings efficiently and fairly, with the utmost respect for the attorneys and litigants, while addressing the pivotal issues on both sides of the matter. Our panel has been trained in effective communication for online mediation, so with JAMSconnect you will benefit from the results-oriented service you’ve come to expect from JAMS for more than 35 years.

Between them, the JAMSconnect panel has a nationwide reach and has handled thousands of cases to conclusion and presided over numerous settlement conferences. They possess extensive experience in the resolution of a wide spectrum of disputes from personal injury to real property and business/commercial matters. With our national panel of highly trained and knowledgeable retired judge and attorney neutrals, you can be confident in their ability to craft creative and efficient solutions.

System Requirement3
The following browser versions will support the JAMSconnect platform:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11
  • Chrome 3 and higher
  • Firefox 30 and higher
  • Safari 5

Some older operating systems will need to be upgraded and/or patched in order to accommodate security standards. Notably, Windows XP needs to have Service Pack 3 installed. Please consult with your IT department or operating system manufacturer for the specific upgrades or patches necessary.

All JAMSconnect participants appearing by video must be sure that the computer that will be used for the mediation session meets the minimum system requirements including sufficient bandwidth and a working camera. The following link may be used to test your system for suitability.  Click here to test your system for video compatibility.

1 CourtCall website
2 Two to four participants, in addition to the mediator, are optimal
3 JAMSconnect is not currently configured for tablet computers

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