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JAMS Launches #MediationWorks, Supports ABA Mediation Week

JAMS Launches #MediationWorks, Supports ABA Mediation Week


IRVINE, Calif. – JAMS, the largest private provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide, announced its participation in the ABA’s 2015 Mediation Week.

This year, JAMS will launch a social media campaign component of its Mediation Week efforts. Shorts videos of some of JAMS retired judges and attorneys will be shared on social media channels highlighting instances of successful mediations and discussing why mediation works. Follow @jamsadr and #mediationworks to join the conversation and share your own experience of a successful mediation.

Additionally, JAMS will host complimentary CLEs and events throughout the week of October 12. The ABA Mediation Week initiative celebrates the strides made to institutionalize mediation as one of several appropriate dispute resolution processes.

The theme for the 2015 ABA Mediation Week is “Mediation: Successes, Challenges, Trends and the Next Generation: Looking to the past, present and future.” Lawyers and mediators understand both the challenges and rewards of helping parties in conflict reach an agreement by getting past differences in positions, by understanding each other’s perspectives better and by finding ways to get their important interests met while staying true to their values and belief systems. Programs held during ABA Mediation Week will provide neutrals, advocates and policy makers with inspiration and tools necessary to bridge the gap that often prevents amicable resolution of disputes. This year’s theme seeks to recognize the past, present and future of mediation.

JAMS has been an avid supporter of the ABA’s campaign to promote mediation. We strongly believe in the benefits of mediation and work to reinforce its value and effectiveness. This is an important effort from the ABA and we’re happy to be a part of it.

- Chris Poole, JAMS President and CEO

JAMS has partnered with local bar associations and community organizations with events scheduled in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and more. A full list of events, speakers and locations can be found on the JAMS website at

About JAMS
Founded in 1979, JAMS is the largest private provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide. With Resolution Centers nationwide and abroad, JAMS and its more than 300 exclusive neutrals are responsible for resolving thousands of the world’s important cases. JAMS may be reached at 800-352-5267.

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