JAMS Inks New Partnership with Chinese Arbitration Forum

Published October 24, 2018

Law360 (October 24, 2018, 4:50 PM EDT) -- Arbitration and mediation provider JAMS said Wednesday that it's teaming up with the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration to create a new panel to solve disputes between U.S. and Chinese companies, giving the internationally known arbitration brands a deeper roster of panelists to pull from for clients' high-value disputes.

The Sino-American panel will consist of subject-area experts from both China and the United States to connect the two major technology hubs, JAMS said in a press release.

“Bringing together neutrals from two of the leading [alternative dispute resolution] institutions in the world is the perfect solution for dispute resolution between the two leading economies," JAMS President and CEO Chris Poole said. "The formation of this new joint panel with SCIA underscores our commitment to delivering the best ADR solutions for our clients around the globe."

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