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How to Conduct Effective Sports Dispute Resolution & Advocacy Online

The world as we knew it has changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic. Sports dispute resolution, like nearly every other sector, has to adapt to remain effective. As is so often the case, however, the commercial world of dispute resolution has moved more quickly than the sports industry in adopting appropriate standards for resolving disputes in this new world. Births, deaths, taxes, and disputes are all certainties in life and, with few exceptions, they pause for no one and nothing. Sports dispute resolution professionals need to embrace this new world and be prepared to move through it effectively. With some forms of social distancing, business shutdowns, and travel restrictions appearing to remain in place for months more, and with people starting to posit views that this work at home situation is workable and inquiring why did we fly around the world so far and so often for seemingly little reason, some of the things we have learned during this time may come to stick. This article sets out some of the basic learnings of the authors: one a busy arbitrator and mediator in sports and commercial cases in the UK and US trying to apply learnings in a sporting context, and similarly, the other, the Head of Case Management at Sport Resolutions, who oversees hundreds of sport-related disputes and arbitrations at both national and international level, to provide the perspective of the institution, the neutral, and the advocates.

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