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Mediation Arbitration

And So It Goes! (May 2020)

We’ve all heard the saying “Honesty is the best policy.” I guess I’m about to find out if that’s true. In this issue, I will discuss why I believe MEDIATION IS THE HOLY GRAIL. Many of my colleagues would disagree, but after trying cases for most of my career and having served as a full-time neutral for the past five years, I’m convinced it’s the best option for resolving cases while keeping your clients’ best interests in mind. Think for a moment about how many issues could be avoided when facing a trial or arbitration if counsel were to focus on reaching a fair resolution for their clients. Mediation works. At an annual meeting of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators, I learned that, according to statistics, a vast majority of cases are resolved at mediation even when it is court-ordered.

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A Quarterly Newsletter from David M. Zacks, Esq.

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