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Virtual Health Law ADR – What’s Working?

Health care is the fastest expanding sector of our economy, and health care costs account for a quarter of government spending. COVID-19 has been a disruptive force in the industry. However, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes are alive and well in the health law space. Most proceedings are now being conducted virtually in order to maintain security and follow social distancing guidelines.

ADR professionals have used virtual meeting technologies to conduct proceedings for years. Arbitration witnesses have testified by live video feed from across the country, individuals have attended mediations via videoconferencing platforms from across Texas, and administrative proceedings have been conducted remotely from all over the state. Likewise, health care professionals have used virtual communications platforms in the name of public health for decades. Health care industry records in the U.S. are electronic-only by mandate. Health care, health law, and ADR professionals were already well-suited to the contemporary virtual-first work environment.

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