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Unrepresented Party Informational Notice

Unrepresented Party Informational Notice

Unrepresented Party Informational Notice

Parties that intend to proceed in an alternative dispute process without representation of counsel, should understand the following:

  • JAMS is a private organization that is not affiliated with the individuals, companies, or law firms involved with this dispute.
  • Neither JAMS nor JAMS Neutrals have a financial interest of the outcome of any matter at JAMS.
  • JAMS is an administrator and, as such, provides services such as calendar management, billing management, and arbitration administration and other case management.
  • Neither JAMS nor JAMS Neutrals provide legal advice or assistance to the parties in how they should present their case. 
  • JAMS or JAMS Neutrals do not represent any parties in any matter at JAMS. There is no lawyer/client relationship formed in any respect with JAMS or JAMS Neutrals. 
  • JAMS and JAMS Neutrals facilitate a neutral process to help resolve the parties’ dispute(s). 
  • If you require legal advice, please contact your local Bar Association for a recommendation.


Any questions pertaining to this information should be addressed to the selected Neutral, your Case Manager or other JAMS representative.  You can reach a JAMS representative by dialing 800-352-5276. 

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