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JAMS Virtual ADR Moderators

JAMS Virtual ADR Moderators

Comprehensive preparation and tech support from our “virtual front desk”

Our Moderators Make Remote Hearings Seamless and Secure

Every virtual and hybrid mediation and arbitration at JAMS receives the same concierge-level client service that we provide for in-person hearings.

Your remote case management team includes a JAMS Virtual Moderator who has received extensive training and is well-equipped to handle any issue that may arise. Moderators remain on standby throughout the duration of your matter to ensure a seamless, efficient process. On-demand assistance is also available from our Virtual Tech Support Hotline.

You can count on your JAMS Virtual ADR Moderator to:

  • provide pre-hearing demos and practice runs to make sure everyone is connected;
  • greet each party and place them in the appropriate virtual room;
  • provide a safe and secure environment by monitoring who is admitted into the hearing;
  • troubleshoot and resolve technical problems, including after-hours; and
  • keep the hearing on track by answering questions, moving parties to breakout rooms, and assisting with file-sharing and paperwork.

Meet our team of moderators and learn more about the critical roles they play at JAMS.

Disclaimer / Notice:

JAMS is providing parties with top-quality Alternative Dispute Resolution Services when in-person proceedings are not possible.  Neutrals are available to conduct mediations, arbitrations and other matters via Zoom, EndisputeTM, conference calls and any other platform agreed to by the parties.  

Zoom has become a particularly popular platform for JAMS clients.  While JAMS is not able to control Zoom security policies and procedures, JAMS neutrals and associates have been trained to make best use of the security protocols provided by the Zoom platform.  Parties to matters at JAMS have reported good results using the Zoom platform because of its ease of use and the fact that it is cost-free to them.

For questions or concerns related to the security or privacy of any platform, please visit the website for that particular platform.  

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