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Rosalyn Chapman

Hon. Rosalyn Chapman (Ret.)

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Case Manager
Michael Dawson
T: 213-253-9776
F: 213-620-0100
555 W. 5th St. , 32nd Floor , Los Angeles , CA 90013

Hon. Rosalyn Chapman (Ret.) has enjoyed a long and well-established career as a federal judge. She served as Magistrate Judge for the United States District Court for the Central District of California for almost 16 years, and then was recalled to serve in the District Courts for the Northern District of California and Arizona.

As a Magistrate Judge, Judge Chapman had an active and diverse civil case load. She conducted bench and jury trials (with the parties’ consent), issued myriad written opinions on summary judgments, motions and discovery, and conducted more than 400 hundred settlement conferences.

Prior to her appointment to the federal bench, Judge Chapman served as an administrative law judge for the State of California. She presiding over thousands of professional and vocational licensing hearings on behalf of numerous public agencies, including the Medical Board, the Department of Real Estate, the Contractors State License Board (construction defects), and the Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control, as well as public and private employment cases.

Additionally, Judge Chapman has been a certified labor arbitrator, a lecturer on the UCLA School of Law faculty, and a public interest attorney.

Judge Chapman is available for mediation, arbitration and as a discovery special master.

Read counsel comments about Judge Chapman's skills and style as a neutral.

Representative Matters

  • Business/Commercial
    • Numerous breach of contract actions in various industries, such as construction, transportation, engineering, recycling and entertainment
    • Unfair business practices actions by consumers and competitors
    • Investors’ securities fraud class action against pharmaceutical company and individual officers
    • Class actions under the Consumer Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act against various businesses
    • Several actions for breach of non-competition clauses, non-disclosure agreements, and theft of trade secrets against former employees
    • Consumers’ Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) lawsuits against debt collectors
    • Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) cases against vehicle dealerships
    • Multiple breach of fiduciary duty actions challenging the operators of ERISA plans
  • Discovery and E-Discovery
    • Case management of multi-district litigation discovery in investors’ bond fraud litigation, commercial airplane crashes, and national ERISA litigation
    • Case management of discovery in numerous pre- and post-class action certification cases
    • Case management of insurance carriers' claims against food supplier for underlying recall costs and testing for contaminated food
  • Entertainment and Sports
    • Game show creator’s copyright infringement action against competitor for use of protected game show elements 
    • Entertainer’s action for breach of confidentiality agreement 
    • Popular musical band’s copyright infringement action against advertising company for illegal use of song in television commercial 
    • Writer’s and production company’s cross-actions for trademark infringement and merchandising rights attendant to theatrical film and potential television series 
    • Songwriter’s action for copyright infringement against music publishers and performers 
    • Sports photographer’s action against publisher for copyright and trade dress infringement 
    • Music composers’ action for illegal incorporation of copyrighted compositions and sound recordings into musical album
    • Injunction and damages action by film producers/financiers against foreign distributor of two films for distribution fees 
    • Action for injunctive relief and writ of possession against film distributor for denying access to inventory
  • Employment
    •  “On-duty” wage and hour actions against residential care facility and other types of employers 
    • Race, sex, and age discrimination actions in many industries, such as airlines, telecommunications, medical devices, hotel, and public sector 
    • Employee’s sexual harassment by third party (customer) action against employer 
    • National origin-based class action by employees against hotel chain 
    • Wage and hour class action by mechanics against automobile dealer 
    • Military reservists’ employment discrimination action (USERRA) against employer 
    • Employees’ plant closure class action under state and federal law 
    • Numerous actions by employees challenging Labor Code violations 
    • Challenges to reduction in force actions by private and public employers 
    • Wrongful termination and other disciplinary challenges by employees in various industries, such as retail sales, transportation (buses and airlines)
  • Insurance
    • Shipper’s action against land carrier for Insurance Code violations
    • Bad faith actions by homeowners against insurers
    • Commercial general liability carrier’s declaratory relief action against insured regarding application of employment-related practices exclusion
    • Claim against foreign insurer with British law provision in contract
    • Action by policy holder’s family regarding life insurance coverage
  • Intellectual Property
    • Copyright infringement actions in dozens of industries, such as fashion, publication, telecommunications (Internet), and entertainment (TV, movies, music) 
    • Numerous trade dress infringement actions in various industries, such as jewelry design, athletic shoes, bathrobes, and the like 
    • Multiple trademark infringement actions in various industries, such as adult entertainment, hair products, baby and infant products, fabric design, and automotive parts 
    • Trademark infringement dispute between two restaurant chains over advertising “tag line” 
    • Counterfeiting actions in cigarette, computer software and automotive parts industries 
    • Numerous patent infringement actions in various industries, such as automotive accessories, lighting fixtures, luggage and mechanized window coverings 
    • Copyright infringement action by well-known clothing manufacturer contesting illegal use of protected name on professional sports team’s merchandise
    • Financial institutions' dispute over use of trademarked logo
  • Maritime
    • Cargo co-signee action against ocean carrier for lost cargo 
    • Action against ocean carrier for damage loading cargo
  • Personal Injury and Tort
    • Product liability action by consumer against distributor and retailer of kitchen appliance 
    • Invasion of privacy actions by consumers against debt collector 
    • Wrongful death action against public entity by estate of deceased employee
  • Public Sector and Civil Rights
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) cases against private businesses and public entities 
    • False arrest and use of excessive force actions against public entities 
    • Inmates’ civil rights actions against private corporations and public entities 
    • Taxpayers’ action against private contractor and public entity for violating Vehicle Code when issuing parking tickets 
    • Citizens’ challenges to Government forfeiture actions 
    • Parents’ actions under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) against school districts
  • Real Property 
    • Homeowners’ action against mortgage lender for delay in modifying home loan
    • Breach of home loan (mortgages) actions against lenders 
    • Housing discrimination actions against owners and managers of rental property 
  • Memberships & Professional Activities
    • Member, International Association of Women Judges, 2006-present
    • Board of Directors, Federal Magistrate Judges Association, 2008-2010
    • Advisory Group of Magistrate Judges, Administrative Office of United States Courts, 2000-2006
    • Board Member, Federal Bar Association (Los Angeles Chapter), 2002-2005
    • Executive Committee & Board of Directors, Boalt Hall School of Law Alumni Association, 1993-1997
  • ADR Profiles
  • Judge, United Nations Appeals Tribunal, 2012-present (part-time)
  • United States Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, Central District of California, 1995-2012
  • Administrative Law Judge, Office of Administrative Hearings, State of California, 1977-1995
  • Labor Arbitrator Certificate, Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Lecturer, School of Law, University of California at Los Angeles, 1972-1973
  • Public Interest Lawyer, 1973-1977, 1967-1972
  • J.D., University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)
  • B.A., University of Michigan

Counsel Comments

    “[Judge Chapman is] an EXCELLENT mediator…. [She works] extremely hard, [is] wise, tough when it's called for, super smart and knowledgeable and [has] some fun in [her] too! [She did a] great job in accomplishing what we thought would never happen this week!”

    – Principal at Business Litigation Firm





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