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COVID-19 Challenges for Workplace Safety & Dispute Resolution

COVID-19 Challenges for Workplace Safety & Dispute Resolution

Presented by New York University School of Law – Center for Labor & Employment Law

The current pandemic raises new questions about the boundaries of employer obligations and employee rights regarding a safe workplace. How do we protect employee privacy and safety while also sustaining business and jobs during an economic crisis and expected rise in COVID related lawsuits? In addition, employers and workers, like all litigants, will need guidance on how to move claims to resolution in an increasingly virtual post-pandemic setting. Topics covered include Employment Dispute Resolution (Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation, Collective Bargaining) and Workplace Safety (OSHA, Worker's Compensation, State Tort Liability). Join the Webinar to explore these important issues.

Featured JAMS Speaker

Steve Sonnenberg
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation & Arbitration
8:40 AM - 10:00 AM EST

Featured People

Stephen P. Sonnenberg, Esq.
  • Employment Law
  • FLSA/PAGA/New York Labor Law and Other State Wage and Hour Claims
  • Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, and Title IX
  • Whistleblower Claims and Wrongful Termination
  • Executive Compensation and Breach of Employment Contract
  • Civil Rights
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