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Exploring Electronic Information in Criminal Investigations Part 3/3

Exploring Electronic Information in Criminal Investigations Part 3/3

Presented by BrightTALK

A Three part series presented by experts Hon. Ron Hedges (ret.), Senior Counsel, Dentons and Hon. James Francis IV (ret.), Arbitrator, Mediator at JAMS and moderated by George Socha, Managing Director, BDO.

Electronic information is all-pervasive. Inevitably, that information will be a feature of the investigation, prosecution, and defense of those accused of crimes. This three-part webinar will explore the constitutional and practical aspects of electronic information in the criminal context. Part One will examine the applicability of the Fourth Amendment. Part Two will look to circumstances under which the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination may be invoked when individuals are asked to unlock or decrypt devices such as cell phones. Part Three will consider “cooperation” between prosecution and defense as well as admissibility.

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