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Return to the Workplace in a Changed World


Return to the Workplace in a Changed World

Presented by JAMS

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As stay-at-home orders begin to abate and we gradually open for business, more and more employers and employees are returning to the workplace. In this new Coronavirus-impacted reality, we face a complex landscape of logistical, legal, psychological, and emotional challenges. New and important concerns exist around ensuring employees’ health and wellness—both physical and mental—in an environment marked by increased risk and heightened anxiety. What are the best practices with regard to health and safety checks, COVID-19 testing protocols, and managing requests by individuals who are resistant, scared or require special accommodations? Are workplace disputes in the current climate different, and how effective are virtual platforms at reaching successful settlement?

Join our panel of psychological and legal experts and experienced mediators as we delve into a discussion of return to the workplace issues, including:

  • The effect the coronavirus is having on employees: a psychiatrist’s view
  • Key legal and practical issues arising from our return to the workplace
  • How is the coronavirus and its effects impacting the resolution of disputes?


Diane G. Knox, Chief Legal Officer,
Senior Vice President,
Mitsubishi International

Kevin B. Leblang, Partner
Chair, Employment Law
Kramer Levin

Debra L. Raskin, Partner
Vladeck, Raskin & Clark, P.C.

George Woods, Jr., M.D., L.F.A.P.A.
Berkeley Law, University of California

Stephen Sonnenberg
JAMS Mediator & Arbitrator

Carol Wittenberg
JAMS Mediator & Arbitrator

Featured People

Stephen P. Sonnenberg, Esq.
  • Employment Law
  • FLSA/PAGA/New York Labor Law and Other State Wage and Hour Claims
  • Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, and Title IX
  • Whistleblower Claims and Wrongful Termination
  • Executive Compensation and Breach of Employment Contract
  • Civil Rights
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