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Confronting Chaos, Embracing Conflict: Building Collaboration to Achieve Settlement in the Asia Pacific Region and Beyond (Part 3 of 5)


Confronting Chaos, Embracing Conflict: Building Collaboration to Achieve Settlement in the Asia Pacific Region and Beyond (Part 3 of 5)

Presented by JAMS, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), the Weinstein International Foundation and the International Association of Lawyers (UIA)

CLE Webinar Credit: 1.5 NY CLE Credit; 1.5 CA MCLE Credit

Program Recording: LINK
Program Material: LINK

As we confront transformative political, economic, social and technological change, global organizations and communities must evolve in parallel to ensure the preservation of business relationships, manage risk, maintain profitability, and safeguard widespread access to justice. This can only be done by embracing that the profound impact these changes will have on life and business will necessitate a “new approach” to ensure commercial conflict settlement in the region and beyond.

Join JAMS, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), the International Association of Lawyers (UIA), the Weinstein International Foundation and an expert panel of legal and business leaders for the third instalment of our Global Webinar Series Confronting Chaos, Embracing Conflict, with a focus on the Asia Pacific Region. This program will explore the opportunities, challenges and trends supporting collaborative dispute resolution and management within the context of regional trade relationships, evolving ADR mechanisms and institutional developments in the region.

The outcome will be a call for stakeholders in all verticals of business, industry and the legal field to leverage chaos as an opportunity to build more robust systems and relationships that defuse conflict, embrace dialogue, and harness organizational capabilities. 

I. Welcome

Lim Tat, Senior Fellow, Weinstein International Foundation, and Managing Partner, Aequitas – Singapore

II. ADR Champion Keynote 

Natalie Morris-Sharma, Legal Counsel at Attorney-General Chambers, Chair of UN Commission on Singapore Convention on Mediation - Singapore

III. Collaborative Solutions for Cross Border Disputes

The disputes of the future demand that we learn from the past and the present. The global shock resulting from the COVID pandemic now serves as an impetus for individuals and organizations to re-think traditional approaches to conflict resolution and opens the door for collaborative processes to take a more prominent role. This panel will discuss ADR within the context of the current business, trade and economic environment, including how trade agreements and newly emerging dispute resolution mechanisms (hybrid ADR, med-arb) play a role within the region.

  • Amb. David Huebner (Ret.), International Mediator & Arbitrator, JAMS – Los Angeles [moderator]

  • Prof. Shahla Ali, Professor, Associate Dean, Director of LLM in Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, University of Hong Kong – Hong Kong

  • George Lim, Chairman, Singapore International Mediation Centre – Singapore

  • Hiroyuki Tezuka, Partner, Nishimura & Asahi – Tokyo

  • K. Luan Tran, Partner, King & Spalding – Vietnam

IV. The Business Case for Appropriate Dispute Resolution

While the business case for leveraging the full ADR spectrum has been evident for decades, there are longstanding challenges, both cultural and structural, for businesses and organizations to implement the broad range of dispute resolution and management mechanisms available. This panel of business and legal leaders will review and discuss the critical business imperatives of considering appropriate dispute resolution when conflict emerges.

  • Kevin Nash, Deputy Registrar & Centre Director, SIAC – Singapore [moderator]

  • Chiann Bao, Arbitrator & Mediator, Arbitration Chambers – Hong Kong

  • Jo Delaney, Partner, Baker McKenzie – Sydney

  • Mimi Lee, Managing Counsel, Chevron – San Francisco

Supporting Organizations:

  • AmCham Singapore

  • Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand Inc.

  • Canada-ASEAN Business Council

  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Singapore

  • Florida Bar International Law Section

  • Miami International Arbitration Society

  • New York International Arbitration Center

  • Shanghai Commercial Mediation Center

  • Singapore Institute of Arbitrators

  • Society of Mediation Professionals (Singapore)

30-minute networking session immediately following the webinar

Featured People

Ambassador (Ret.) David Huebner, FCIArb, C.Arb, FCollArb
  • Business Commercial
  • Construction
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Health Care
  • Intellectual Property
  • International & Cross-Border
  • Life Sciences
  • Telecommunications
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