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2022 CLM Annual Conference


2022 CLM Annual Conference

Presented by Claims & Litigation Management Alliance (CLM)

The 2022 CLM Annual Conference promises to electrify attendees and re-ignite their passion for a fulfilling career in claims resolution and litigation management. Gather with colleagues in Coachella Valley to experience all the best of the CLM way of networking with some decidedly amped up twists.

Featured Programs:

The Price Is Right: Claims and Conciliation Edition
Session 1 | March 24, 2022 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM PST

Alternative Dispute Resolution touches everything. Conflicts arise in our personal and professional lives, no matter how much we try to avoid them. Join this session for a fun game show-style presentation that demonstrates how the ADR process as a tool, is a game of skill and chance based on facts, figures and focus. Developing skills and techniques to diffuse disputes are imperative, from cradle to corporate. Even children can be taught to make decisions about how to diffuse rising temperatures. No matter the age, knowing the facts, answering questions and the proper use of reality testing can soften even the hardest positions. There is a psychology to negotiating. Intentional decision-making, fact-finding and strategic communications is the key to turning a boiling dispute into a brewing settlement. Watch as claims professionals, lawyers and mediators navigate a sea of conflict and test scenarios to get to a desirable end result. Don't miss this audience-engaging battle that can only end in proving that a case really is worth what it settles for.

Featured Panelists:
  • Chevon Brooks | Brooks & Berne PLLC
  • Bert Dizon | Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
  • Yvonne Hill-Planter | Sedgwick
  • Rebekah Ratliff | JAMS

DEI Workshop - Gender Equity in Law Firms: Female Leaders and Their Journey to Success
Session 5 | March 25, 2022 | 9:30 - 10:30 AM PST

Join us for a multi-dimensional workshop where attendees will have a collaborative solution-oriented discussion that focuses on the importance of listening, learning, and driving measurable change to build diverse, inclusive, and mentally healthy gender equal workforces elements that are critical in today's climate. Workshop participants will engage in interactive exercises and share proposed solutions to this topic in the DEI space. Results will be aggregated in real-time then presented back to the audience to conclude the session with actionable take-aways that can be implemented to increase DEI implementation and effectiveness across our businesses.

Featured Panelists:
  • Avery Barrett | On the Border
  • Kirsten Kaiser Kus | Bryce Downey & Lenkov LLC
  • Rebekah Ratliff | JAMS

The Intersection of Builders Risk, CGL, Professional Liability, and Subcontractor Default Coverage

Session 5 | March 25, 2022 | 9:30 - 10:30 AM PST

Builders risk, commercial general liability (CGL), professional liability, and subcontractor default coverages all serve an important risk protection role for stakeholders in a construction project; and claims and litigation often arise that potentially trigger many or all of these coverage forms. Formulation of a global resolution strategy requires an understanding of the scope of coverages as well as the subrogation rights that may remain, potentially jeopardizing the goal of global resolution. This session is designed to provide an overview of the scope of protection provided by the different coverages, identify common issues arising in a complex construction claim/litigation context, and offer discussion of coverage application and issues. Utilizing a hypothetical fact pattern to facilitate discussion and analysis of the key issues for each type of coverage, presenters will offer a variety of perspectives.

Featured Panelists:
  • Keith Koeller | JAMS
  • Peter J. Mintzer | Selman Breitman
  • Kenna Plangemann | Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.
  • Karen Rice | AXA XL

Featured People

Rebekah Ratliff, CCLS
  • Business Commercial
  • Civil Rights
  • Construction
  • Construction Defect
  • Employment Law
  • Governmental & Public Agency
  • Higher Education & Title IX
  • Insurance
  • International & Cross-Border
  • Personal Injury
  • Securities
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