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Leadership in Higher Education Conference

Leadership in Higher Education Conference

Presented by Magna Publications

Join Richard Birke and others for the Leadership in Higher Education Conference in Orlando, Florida. This conference offers six different conference tracks, each focusing on a current trend for those who oversee the halls of learning and the many varied programs they host. If you have any questions about how Pathways helps institutions of higher education, or would like to meet with a representative at the event, please contact Jennifer Sambito at

Session Title:
“Conflicts on Campus: The Leader’s Roles, Responsibilities and Opportunities”

Session Abstract: 
When conflict arises on campus—be it among or between faculty, students, staff and the community—all eyes are on the leaders. At a minimum, leaders must be well-versed in the prevention, management and resolution of conflict, and to succeed more fully, they must be skilled in deploying a wide array of tools and approaches—mostly in a public or semi-public environment. In this session, a 25-year veteran of the classroom with 35 years of conflict resolution experience will share key insights into the most effective approaches to leading from conflict to consensus.

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