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Psychological Issues in the California Workplace 2023

Psychological Issues in the California Workplace 2023

Presented by the Practising Law Institute

Webinar Credit: 1 hour of Ethics credit

Psychological Issues in the California Workplace 2023

With a physical and emotional punch, the pandemic re-shaped the workplace, altered the expectations of employees and employers, and created new types of legal claims. Employers face an array of additional obligations while employees and employers alike cope with challenges ranging from the Great Resignation to layoffs in tech, media and other sectors. Rapid change often gives rise to emotional reactions, some foreseeable, others unanticipated. The psychological factors behind the creation, litigation and resolution of workplace disputes are impossible to ignore.

This program will address:
  • Key employment law issues at the intersection of law and psychology
  • The EEOC’s, plaintiffs’ and defense bar’s perspective on employment law claims created during the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and our current economy, and the ways in which litigation of familiar claims has changed
  • The role that psychological factors play in the genesis, pursuit and defense of workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims
  • How the brain influences our understanding of our own and opposing counsel’s strategy and techniques
  • The critical psychological manipulations by negotiating lawyers and the ethics of using them in settlement discussions
  • The discovery of sensitive psychiatric information about employees, aware of ethical guidance and constraints under California law
  • The California Rules of Professional Conduct to guide work with treating and forensic mental health professionals
Featured JAMS Session:
Allies or Foes? Ethical Issues for Lawyers and Psychiatrists in the Workplace
11:45 AM PT
  • Stephen P. Sonnenberg, Esq. (Chairperson) | JAMS
  • Katherine C. Huibonhoa | Duane Morris LLP
  • David A. Lowe | Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe, L.L.P.
  • Hon. Patrick J. Walsh (Ret.) | Signature Resolution LLC
  • George Woods, Jr., M.D., L.F.A.P.A. | Crestwood Behavioral Health

Featured People

Stephen P. Sonnenberg, Esq.
  • Employment Law
  • FLSA/PAGA/New York Labor Law and Other State Wage and Hour Claims
  • Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Retaliation, and Title IX
  • Whistleblower Claims and Wrongful Termination
  • Executive Compensation and Breach of Employment Contract
  • Civil Rights
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