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Sports Content Protection and Anti-Piracy Summit

Sports Content Protection and Anti-Piracy Summit

Presented by iSportConnect

Join JAMS neutral Stephen Townley, FCIArb at the “Sports Content Protection and Anti-Piracy Summit” on November 9th at Pinsent Mason in London. The purpose of the summit is to fortify the integrity of sports content distribution against piracy. Topics include safeguarding platform integrity, preserving media rights, and securing a premium, valued sports media ecosystem for fans. The summit also includes roundtable sessions focused on international rights protection, legal perspectives on piracy, monetization strategies amidst piracy challenges, and future-proofing content protection. 

This event is a must-attend for industry professionals, including legal, tech and rights directors, looking to navigate the complexities of sports content protection and anti-piracy in today’s digital age. Register and attend a day of insightful dialogue with registered organizations, including The Premier League, FA, Formula 1, ACE, BT, DAZN, FIFA, IMG, Disney, Google, TikTok, EA Sports, Vodafone, Alliance for Intellectual Property, UK IPO and ATP Media, and stay ahead in the dynamic sports industry.

Featured People

Stephen Townley, FCIArb
  • Business Commercial
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Financial Markets
  • Intellectual Property
  • International & Cross-Border
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