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When Mediation and Arbitration Conduct Goes Wrong

When Mediation and Arbitration Conduct Goes Wrong

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When Mediation and Arbitration Conduct Goes Wrong

Join Patricia H. Thompson, Esq., FCIArb for this live video broadcast of "When Mediation and Arbitration Conduct Goes Wrong." ADR is intended to resolve disputes among parties without the rancor, scorched earth, or other hard-edged tactics too often fostered in litigation. Cooperation, civility, and neutral impartiality are expected hallmarks of successful and consensual mediation and arbitration proceedings. Nevertheless, human nature being what it is, especially when important matters are in dispute, advocates and neutrals should be prepared to identify, forestall, address, and if necessary, sanction misbehavior by any of the various participants in ADR processes. This program is designed to forearm ADR participants with strategies for addressing such misconduct.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • What authority and strategies do neutrals have to reign in “Rambo” behavior by advocates?
  • What are the ethical standards governing neutrals and counsel in ADR proceedings?
  • What are the remedies available to parties for violation of those standards by neutrals?
  • How might these standards and strategies be different in international ADR?

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