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Hon. William D. Missouri (Ret.) was appointed to the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, Maryland in December 1987 and served most recently as Chief Judge of the Seventh Judicial Circuit. Prior to his appointment to the Circuit Court, Judge Missouri served as an Associate and Administrative Judge of the 5th District Court for Prince George’s County. Judge Missouri is well regarded for his wealth of knowledge, impeccable reputation for integrity and character in government, and selfless service to the people of Maryland. He is the recipient of numerous awards and citations, the result of his service on countless judiciary, professional, and community committees and organizations.

Judge Missouri has presided over nearly all manner of civil cases during his more than 25 years of distinguished judicial service on the Maryland Circuit and District Courts.

Representative Matters

  • Business/Commercial: Breach of contract; employment contracts; contract fraud; collections; foreclosure; licensing; fee disputes; partnership disputes; real estate and construction disputes
  • Class Action/Mass Tort: Numerous failure to cover and policy restrictions by major insurance companies; product liability claims including automotive and container designs
  • Construction: Disputes dealing with delay; loss of productivity; failure to mitigate; impact and acceleration claims; construction and design deficiencies and errors; scope-of-work issues; professional liability and negligence; economic loss; tendering and procurement issues; lien claims; breach of contract; claims for property damage
  • Construction Defect: Residential defect claims including infrastructure; landscape installation; windows; foundation; roofing; insulation; water and mold damage; disputes between developers and homeowners associations; disputes between homeowner and improvement contractors; failure to improve the residence; disputes between homeowners and general contractors over defective construction of private residences and delay claims; disputes with public regulatory agencies and developers involving compliance with state and federal regulations and penalties; homeowner association disputes; numerous cases between general contractors and subcontractors involving issues relating to grading, foundations, structural, mold infestation, HVAC, roofing, stucco, plumbing, electrical defects, and water damage
  • Employment: FMLA; employment agreements; covenants not to compete; sexual harassment; wage loss; wage and hour; wrongful termination; age and gender discrimination; trade secret; non-compete and non-solicitation disputes
  • Family Law: Dissolution of family partnerships and family corporations; trust and estate disputes; wills and will caveats; complex divorces with large assets; annulment; property division; child custody; child support; child visitation; enforcement of prenuptial agreements; modifications of custody; paternity; surrogate; involuntary commitment; family protective order; delinquency, truancy, and minors charged with felonies; physical, sexual and emotional abuses of minors and young adults; termination of parental rights; grandparent custody and grandparent visitation
  • Government/Public Agency: Claims against Prince George’s County involving police brutality; land use planning and zoning
  • Personal Injury/Torts: Catastrophic injury; medical malpractice; wrongful death; product liability; premises liability (commercial and residential); industrial accidents; environmental; workplace accidents arising out of workers compensation claims; automotive; heavy machinery; medical; dental; failure to diagnose; birth injuries; burn injuries; construction site injuries

Judge Missouri authored opinions or presided over the cases listed below in the areas of law indicated.

  • Business/Commercial
    • Washington Gas, et al. v. Davis, CAL 10-39315 (March 2011)
    • Whitehead v. Choporis, Inc. D/B/A Maaco Auto (May 1998)
    • Maro, Inc. v. Luciana Caleb, CAL 95-03325 (May 1997)
    • Eruzo, et al. v. PEP Boys, et al., CAL 93-17365 (Nov. 1995)
    • Curtis v. Sam Car Wash, Inc. (April 1992)
  • Family Law
    • Dotson v. Dotson, CAD 10-28496 (Feb. 2011)
    • Palmer v. Palmer, CAD 10-14926 (Jan. 2011-Mar. 2011)
    • Sanders v. Sanders, CAD 07-31302 (Dec. 2010)
    • Nongauza v. Robinson, CAD 10-04592 (Nov. 2010)
    • Thompson v. Thompson, CAD 99-11629 (Jul. 2004)
    • Hallowell v. Hallowell, CAD 91-09938
    • Day v. Day, CAD 91-07944 (6/29/92)
    • Maduro v. Maduro, CAD 91-13620 (6/24/92)
    • Stover v. Stover, CAD 91-103 (Feb. 1992)
    • Thurman v. Thurman, CAD 91-19676 (Feb. 1992)
    • McKinley v. McKinley, CAD 87-11336 (5/13/88)
    • Roby v. Roby, CAD 87-9486 (March 1988)
    • Sturgill v. Sturgill, CAD 87-15953
  • Personal Injury/Torts
    • Seminole Casualty Ins. Co v. Robinson, CAL 09-19318 (Nov. 2010)
    • Robinson v. Liberty Mutual, CAL 06-09240 (June 2007)
    • Roquemore v. GEICO, CAL 96-10698 (Mar. 1999) 
    • Stevens, T/U/O Graham v. Murphy, CAL 96-05746 (Aug. 1997)
    • Rodgers v. Klotz, et al., CAL 91-21097 (May 1995)
    • Scriber, et. al. vs. Smith et al., CAL 92-16116 (July 1994)
    • Smith v. Consolidated Waste et al., CAL91-07268 (Oct. 1993)
    • Dent v. Phillips, CAL 91-06303 (May 1992) 
    • Parker v. Watkins (Feb. 1992)
    • Parker v. Calley, CAL 87-560 (4/19/88)
    • Clements v. Brown Ferris, Inc., CAL 86-17367 (Mar. 1988)
    • Wayne D. Garrett v. Williams, CAL 85-6639 (Feb. 1988)
    • Freeland v. Bruce, CAL 86-00060 (2/1/88)
  • Professional Liability (Medical Malpractice)
    • King v. Doctor’s Hospital (Oct. 2010)
    • Hutchins v. Chandra, CAL 90-26572 (Feb. 1992)
    • Butterworth v. Richard Wolf, CAL 86-10585 (5/18/88)
  • Real Property
    • Graham v. Ridgley Church of God in Christ, Inc. (6/28/88)
    • Turner v. Cherry Hill, et.al., CAL 87-3893 (6/23/1988)
    • Chairmonte v. County Council, CAL87-20449

Honors, Memberships, and Professional Activities

  • Recipient of numerous awards and citations including:
    • National Bar Association's Heman Sweatt Award, 2014
    • Maryland Judicial Council Appreciation for Service, February 2009
    • Resolution of Appreciation of Service as Member and Chair, Conference of Circuit Judges, November 2008
    • President’s Award, Prince George’s Bar Associations, April 2007
    • Distinguished Service Award, National Center for State Courts, 2006
    • Pro Bono Publicio Award, Maryland Bar Foundation, 2005-2007
    • R.C. Tolbert Achievement Award, December 2005
    • Legal Excellence Award, J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association, November 2005
    • Pro Bono Honoree, Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland, October 2005
    • Certificate of Appreciation, Maryland National Capital Park Police, May 2005
    • Distinguished Service Award, Prince George's County Bar Association, June, 2004
    • Boy Scouts of America, Patuxent District, Outstanding Service Award, 1994
  • Fellow, American Bar Foundation and Maryland State Bar Foundation
  • Vice-Chair, Judicial Division, American Bar Association, 2010-2011
  • Former chair, Maryland Conference of Circuit Judges (former member, Judicial Cabinet and Council)
  • Former chair, National Conference of State Trial Judges (NCSTJ)
  • Former chair, Judiciary's Legislative Committee
  • Former president, Maryland Bar Foundation
  • Former member, Maryland State Bar Association's Board of Governors
  • Member: American Bar Association (ABA), J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Association, Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA), and the Prince George's County Bar Association
  • Instructor, Paralegal Studies, Prince George’s Community College, 1985-2002

Background and Education

  • Judicial Education (recent courses)
    • Handling Legal & Medical Malpractice cases, April 2010
    • Search & Seizure, March 2008
    • Constitutional Law, April 2006
  • Judge, Circuit Court of Maryland, 1988-2010
    • Chief Judge, Seventh Judicial Circuit, 2007-2011
    • Circuit Administrative Judge, 7th Judicial Circuit, 1997-20010 
    • County Administrative Judge, Prince George’s County, 7th Judicial Circuit, 1992-2010
    • Associate Judge, Seventh Judicial Circuit, 1988-2007
  • Judge, District Court of Maryland, 1985-1988
    • Administrative Judge, 5th District Court, Prince George’s County, 1987-1988
    • Associate Judge, Fifth District Court, 1985-1987
  • Assistant State’s Attorney, Prince George’s County, 1978-1985
  • J.D., University of Maryland School of Law, 1978
  • B.S., cum laude, Bowie State University, 1975


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