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JAMS Virtual Conference Room

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JAMS Virtual Conference Room

Do you need an offsite principal, witness, carrier representative or other party in order to conclude your hearing at JAMS? Our browser-based web conferencing service offers parties in remote locations a practical, timely alternative to incurring costly delays and travel expenses. Provided by CourtCall Video, this innovative system is now available at several JAMS Resolution Centers.

  • Efficient Time Management: Remote web appearances are ideal for motion hearings, witness testimonies and other meetings that do not require in-person attendance.
  • User Friendly: No installation is necessary. Offsite parties need only a phone and a computer equipped with a webcam in order to connect to the proceedings. CourtCall’s seamless conferencing format creates a virtual hearing room in which up to 16 participants can see and hear each other. Each user has access to a self-view and personal audio and video controls, as well as onscreen information about each party.

For more information about how to set up a web conference and about pricing, please contact a JAMS associate at 1.800.352.JAMS.