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JAMS Virtual ADR Conference Room

JAMS Virtual ADR Conference Room

Resolve Your Dispute Using JAMS Virtual Conference Room via Video, Web or Audio Conference

Do you need an offsite principal, witness, carrier representative or other party in order to conclude your hearing at JAMS? Videoconferences and conference calls are tools that JAMS has long used to successfully resolve thousands of disputes of all kinds online and virtually. JAMS mediators and arbitrators (neutrals) are adept at managing the resolution process whether they are conducting an in-person or virtual hearing. Additionally, JAMS neutrals and case managers receive ongoing training in the latest videoconferencing technology and best practices.

In addition to traditional conference calls, JAMS offers a number of videoconference options for mediations and arbitrations based on case size and complexity, client comfort level and cost considerations.

Zoom is a popular online platform that can be used for mediations and arbitrations of almost any size. JAMS provides the Zoom accounts and there is no cost to the parties. It offers breakout rooms for mediations. Zoom is self-administered and requires minimal preparation by participants, as detailed below. JAMS neutrals and staff are available to assist you with this convenient and user-friendly tool.

EndisputeTM, a proprietary JAMS mediation platform provided by CourtCall,® includes a high level of moderated service for a modest fee. A CourtCall representative is available for the entire session to ensure that technical aspects of the process are handled so the parties can focus on settling their dispute. Endispute also allows private breakout rooms for each party and document sharing capability. This option is particularly ideal for smaller, straightforward cases that can be resolved in a few hours. To determine if your case is appropriate for Endispute, contact a JAMS Case Manager or visit

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