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JAMS Neutrals Featured on ABA Construction Law’s Toolbox Talk Series

JAMS neutrals Laura Abrahamson, Patricia Thompson and Leslie King O'Neal discuss their perspectives, as former in-house counsel, regarding how outside counsel can optimize the arbitration process.

JAMS neutrals Laura C. Abrahamson, Esq., FCIArb; Patricia Thompson, Esq., FCIArb; and Leslie King O'Neal were recently featured in an episode of the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law’s Toolbox Talk series. In this episode, they discuss how litigators can better prepare and present their case before arbitration from an in-house counsel’s perspective.

The panel discusses several methods and suggestions that can help improve the arbitration process, including planning and organization between inside and outside counsel, as well as cost- and time-saving opportunities throughout the arbitration process. Additionally, the group shares their insights on the role that creativity plays in proceedings, including in determining the process for deciding issues, as well as best practices for presenting and managing information shared with an arbitration panel.

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