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Women in Insurance New York: Growing for Gold

Women in Insurance New York: Growing for Gold

Presented by Insurance Business America

In its fourth year, Women in Insurance New York is addressing the main challenges and conversations that are the focus of the industry right now. After a year of remote work, where are further areas for growth and opportunity within insurance? How can the US insurance market be more innovative and successful moving forward? How are gender biases still impacting women's chances of rising to a leadership role? How can you keep yourself and your team engaged and cohesive in a hybrid workspace?

We are thrilled to be gathering virtually to hear the unique perspectives and celebrate the great successes of respected female leaders who keep the insurance industry fresh and alive.

Featured Panel:

Choosing Resilience 9:55 - 10:45  AM EST

Resilience is a buzzword in our culture right now, but as we enter a post-COVID business environment it's proving to be an important trait for leaders looking to excel. This session will feature industry leaders sharing moments that required resilience and the skills they leaned upon to succeed, including:

  • What is resilience and how can you develop your own level of resilience?
  • What essential techniques can you use for resilience training?
  • Self-awareness, mental agility, optimism, and other traits to focus on
  • Tips for how to cope with stress and use it to perform better
Moderator: Angela Schaefer | Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Safety National
  • Suzanne Dann | SVP Capital Markets and Insurance, Wipro
  • Rebekah Ratliff, CCLS | Mediator/Arbitrator, JAMS
  • Margaret Redd | National Executive Director, NAAIA

Featured People

Rebekah Ratliff, CCLS
  • Business Commercial
  • Civil Rights
  • Construction
  • Construction Defect
  • Employment Law
  • Governmental & Public Agency
  • Higher Education & Title IX
  • Insurance
  • International & Cross-Border
  • Personal Injury
  • Securities
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