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Remembering George Floyd

Remembering George Floyd

Special Communication from Chris Poole, JAMS CEO

General Announcements

The one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death gives us a strong reminder that we have a long way to go to reduce racial inequalities, eliminate mistreatment and brutality, promote dialog and peaceful conflict resolution, and to promote diversity, equity, justice and inclusion at all levels.  It is also an appropriate time to reaffirm our long-term commitment to these principles and our resolve to not lose the momentum that was unfortunately created in large part by tragedies such as George Floyd’s killing one year ago.  As an organization that has been long dedicated to promoting peace and the resolution of conflict, JAMS, along with the JAMS Foundation, will strive to do our part in the months and years ahead.

Chris Poole
JAMS Chief Executive Officer

Media Contact

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Kristine Snyder

JAMS Director, Public Relations & Content 

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