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David Perkins

David Perkins

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Background and Education

David Perkins has over 40 years of experience in intellectual property, and prior to joining JAMS International focused his practice on multijurisdictional patent litigation, related contract disputes, as well as trade mark and antitrust issues. He has handled oppositions and appeals before the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich and references to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg. He has also acted as counsel and arbitrator in numerous arbitrations involving intellectual property rights.

David Perkins has served in major leadership positions in the intellectual property practice area at international law firms. He was a partner at Clifford Chance from 1975–2003 at which he headed its European and Hong Kong intellectual property litigation practice, and subsequently at Milbank Tweed’s London office 2003–2009 and Arnold & Porter’s London office 2010-2013. He is the author of many publications, articles, and conference papers on various aspects of intellectual property law disputes and is a frequent participant at international intellectual property conferences. He was a member of the UK Government’s Intellectual Property Advisory Committee. He was a Council Member of the Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) and before it the Common Law Institute of Intellectual Property (CLIP); a founding member of The Intellectual Property Lawyers Organizations (TIPLO); an Executive Committee Member of UNION-IP and a member of the Advisory Board of the Munich IPDR (Intellectual Property Dispute) Forum.

He has served as a WIPO Mediator and Arbitrator since 1999 and an instructor at the WIPO Annual Arbitration Workshop since 2002. He also served as an Arbitration panellist with the LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration) and the HKIAC (Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre); and the SCC (the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce). He is a Panel member of the AAA/ICDR (American Arbitration Association/International Center for Dispute Resolution); SIAC ( Singapore International Arbitration Centre) including its IP Panel; SIMI (Singapore International Mediation Institute); the AIAC (Asian International Arbitration Centre, Kuala Lumpur); MCN ( The Mediation & Conciliation Network Dispute Resolution Experts Panel, India); ACIMA (Arbitration Centre at the Institute of Modern Arbitration in Russia); the InHouseCommunity, Hong Kong; the IP Panel of SCIA (Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration); PIAC (Pacific International Arbitration Centre); and the NAA (National Arbitration Association). He has also chaired an ICC Dispute Resolution Board and served as a sole arbitrator for the IFTA (Independent Film & Television Alliance, Los Angeles). He is a member of the CIArb (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators). 

Areas of Expertise

  • Arbitration of international disputes involving IPRs
  • Patent; Trade mark; Copyright, and registered design infringement/validity disputes;
  • Trade secret, confidential information disputes;
  • Disputes concerning agreements involving IPRs;
  • The European Union competition law and TRIPs aspects of disputes involving the above subject matter;
  • EPO Oppositions and Appeals (European Patent Office);
  • References to the European Court of Justice in patent and trademark matters;
  • IT outsourcing
  • Telecommunications

Experience in Mediation

  • High Court dispute involving a Patent Licence Agreement between a Multinational Healthcare Company and its former consultant in the medical devices sector
  • Patent and Design infringement case in the High Court
  • Patent Entitlement and validity dispute in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC)
  • Trade Secret/Confidential Information dispute in IPEC
  • Co-Mediating a multinational trade mark dispute – including proceedings in a US District Court, the English High Court, and over 20 international Trade Mark Offices/Courts – involving two U.S. multinational corporations
  • Trade mark and passing off proceedings in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) between a U.K. company and Canadian company
  • Trade mark and passing off proceedings in the High Court between two UK entities
  • Co-Mediator of a dispute involving two arbitrations between U.S. and German entities – one under AAA Rules and the other under ICC Rules – resulting from patent litigation in the U.S. and other jurisdictions
  • High Court (Patents Court) patent infringement case between a German company and a U.K. company
  • High Court trade mark dispute between two multinational telecom providers – one from the U.K. and the other Asia Pacific
  • Patent licence dispute between two U.S. companies and a Danish company – first mediation in London (2008) and second mediation in Geneva (2012)
  • High Court trade mark and passing off dispute between entities in the gaming industry
  • High Court (Patents Court) two mediations of a patent dispute in the medical diagnostics area (2017)
  • Mediation of a U.S. dispute involving misappropriation of trade secrets between Chinese and Swiss parties in the mining sector (2017).
  • Significant involvement in advising on the ADR techniques for approaching multi-jurisdictional disputes involving intellectual property rights
  • Mediation of a U.S. District Court dispute involving alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and patent infringement and validity dispute pending before the CAFC: 2018 (New York).
  • Counsel in numerous mediations involving patents and trade marks, both domestic and international
  • Counsel for major international manufacturer of medical/analytical apparatus in Mediation of a patent infringement proceedings: 2005 (London, US and Geneva);
  • Counsel in mediation of a multi-jurisdiction patent dispute in the biotech area: 2007 (Paris);
  • Counsel in a mediation of multi-jurisdiction trademark dispute involving parties respectively in the Banking and IT sectors: 2006 (Zurich);
  • Counsel for major confectionery manufacturer in mediation of High Court trademark infringement proceedings: 2003

Experience in Arbitration

  • Chairman in JAMS arbitration involving contract dispute between Russian and U.S. parties in the oil and gas sector (2019).
  • Sole Arbitrator in HKIAC arbitration between Chinese and U.S. entities involving disputed breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets and patent infringement (2019 and continuing).
  • Arbitrator in an LCIA arbitration relating to a dispute involving patent entitlement/ownership in the oil and gas industry: 2014-2015
  • Sole Arbitrator in an HKIAC arbitration involving breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets and patent entitlement in the optoelectronics sector: 2015-2017
  • Chairman in two HKIAC arbitrations involving patent infringement and validity in the optoelectronics sector between US and Chinese entities: 2017
  • Chairman in SCC arbitration involving a patent license agreement in the telecommunications sector: 2018.
  • Emergency Arbitrator for the SCC involving a dispute relating to pharmaceutical products: 2018.
  • Sole Arbitrator in WIPO Expedited Arbitration proceedings regarding patent licence between an Asian inventor and a U.S. manufacturer and involving the alleged infringement and validity of US and European patents: 2003-2005
  • Sole Arbitrator, Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA), 2013
  • Sole Arbitrator in ICC Arbitration in relation to gTLDs 
  • Sole Arbitrator in numerous (approx. 150) proceedings under the UDRP - 1999 to date
  • Instructor at WIPO's Annual Arbitration & Mediation Workshop: Geneva; Singapore; New York; Palo Alto; Seoul; and Munich- 2002 to date.
  • Instructor on other WIPO seminars in Brussels, Geneva, Munich, London and Hong Kong
  • Instructor at meetings of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and SIAC in association with WIPO - 2009 to 2012
  • Instructor at meeting of The Philippines Patent Office in association with WIPO, Manila – 2011
  • Instructor at meeting of the Indonesian Patent Office in association with WIPO, Jakarta - 2013
  • Counsel for PPG Industries Inc. in three arbitrations with Pilkington plc concerning alleged breach of license agreement and unauthorised use of trade secrets, confidential information and assisting US counsel in a fourth arbitration between the same parties concerning US Antitrust issues, 1985-1995. The first arbitration in London involved a hearing of over 270 days;
  • Counsel for a US aerospace company in a non-binding ADR of a patent infringement dispute involving flight simulators;
  • Counsel in three arbitrations involving intellectual property rights and also in non-IP contractual disputes;
  • Counsel in 2 ICC arbitrations involving contractual disputes in the energy (LPG) sector: 2007-2008 (New York).
  • Counsel in 2 ICC arbitrations, one in the mining sector and the other in the other in the computer sector: 2008-2009 (London).
  • Counsel in 4 LCIA arbitrations, one in the solar energy sector, another in the steel manufacturing sector, the third in the mining sector and the fourth in the telecoms sector:2010-2013 (London)
  • Counsel in an ICC arbitration involving breach of contract and patent entitlement relating to sound reproduction technology:2010-2011 (New York).
  • Expert Witness in an SCC arbitration involving breach of contract and trade mark rights: 2014 (Stockholm).

Representative Matters

  • Acting for Thetford Corporation in ECJ proceedings involving exercise of national patent rights in a non-discriminatory matter (Articles 30 to 36 Treaty of Rome). [Case C-35/87];
  • Representing (as Counsel) the European Federation for the Pharmaceutical Industry (EFPIA) in the ECJ in relation to the single Trademark Requirement [Case T-123/00];
  • Acted for Catnic Components in House of Lords case establishing the test for evaluation of patent infringement (the Diplock purposive construction test) still applicable under the new law/EPC Article 69 and Protocol; EPC 2000
  • Acted in major cases involving assessment of damages in patent infringement proceedings;
  • Acted in major trade secret/confidential information arbitration and related subsequent US Anti-Trust arbitration concerning the same technology;
  • Acted for Lenzing AG in notorious Judicial Review proceedings seeking reinstatement of Lenzing’s EP (UK) following revocation of the EP by an EPO Board of Appeal. Applicability of Art. 32 TRIPS; Proceedings in Germany and the United Kingdom
  • Advising International Industry Groups and the EC Commission on TRIPs in relation to Competition / Anti-Trust Law issues concerning IPRs in the pharmaceuticals sector
  • Expert Witness for major companies in U.S. litigation involving patent and trademark issues in the diagnostics, computer and oil and gas exploration sectors.
  • Expert in trade mark dispute in the Stockholm Arbitration Court of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC).
  • Expert witness for major multinational soft drinks entity in a trade market disputes in Canada.
  • Expert witness for an international pharmaceutical company in a patent dispute in Japan.

Lexis Cases

Copyright: Designs

  • Benchairs v. Chair Centre 1972 FSR 397; 1974 RPC 429 1973 FSR 123 (CA);
  • Roban Jig & Tool Co. Ltd. & Anor v. Taylor & Ors 1979 FSR 130 (CA);
  • Rank Film Distributors & Ors v. Video Information Centre 1982 AC 380 (HL)
  •  O’Neil & Others v. Paramount Pictures Corp. 1983 (CA);
  • Apple Computer Inc. v. Sirtel (UK) Ltd. 1983;
  • Granby Marketing Services Ltd. v. Interlego AG 1984 RPC 209
  • Spesi SA v. Bemrose UK Ltd. 1986 (HL)
  • Interlego AG v. Alex Folley (VIC) Pty Ltd 1987 FSR 283
  • Interlego AG v. Tyco Industries Inc. 1989 1 AC 217 (PC).

Trademarks: Passing off

  • American International Group Inc. v. London American International Corporation Ltd. 1982 FSR 441
  • Lego System AB v. Lego M Lemelstrich Ltd. 1983 FSR 155;
  • Rowntree MacIntosh Ltd’s Trademark Application (1983), but reported 1993 RPC 217;
  • Mars (GB) Ltd. v. Country Petfoods Ltd. (1987);
  • Mars (GB) Ltd. v. Cadbury Ltd. 1987 RPC 387;
  • Sears Plc. v. Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1993 RPC 385 (CA);
  • Dr Karl Thomae .v. Commission [Case T-123/00] [2002] ECR II – 5139;


  • Illinois Tool Works Inc’s Patent: 1975 RPC 98 1975 FSR 37 and 1975 FSR 434;
  • Catnic Components Ltd. v. Hill & Smith Ltd. 1982 RPC 183 (HL);
  • Templeborough Rolling Mills Ltd’s Application 1975 RPC 511 (CA);
  • Hickman v. Andrews 1983 RPC 147 (CA);
  • Filmline Corporation v. Rank Film Distributors (1980);
  • The Boots Co. Ltd’s Application (1981);
  • Mars Incorporated v. PA Management Consultants (1981);
  • Farmos v. Wellcome Foundation 1984 (CA);
  • Catnic Components v. Hill & Smith Ltd. (Enquiry) 1983 FSR 512;
  • Catnic Components v. C Evans & Co 1983 FSR 401;
  • PCUK’s Application 1984 RPC 6;
  • Unilever Plc v. Pearce 1985 FSR 475;
  • Schering AG v. Hickson & Welch Ltd. (1985);
  • Pharmacia v. Stuart Ltd. (1986);
  • Thetford Corporation v. Fiamma 1987 FSR 244 (CA) and 1987 3 CMLR 266 (CA) and 1990 1 WLR 1394 (ECJ);
  • Schering Agrochemicals v. ABM Chemicals Ltd. 1987 RPC 185;
  • The Upjohn Company v. T. Kerfoot & Co. Ltd. 1985 FSR 1;
  • Re Kaken Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd’s Patent 1990 RPC 72;
  • Intel Corporation v. General Instrument Corporation 1990;
  • Rediffusion Simulation Ltd. v. Link Miles Ltd. 1992 FSR 195;
  • Strix v. Otter Controls 1995 RPC 607;
  • Lenzing v. Courtaulds 1997 RPC 245; Becton Dickinson .v. Greiner [PAT 03092];
  • ImClone/Aventis .v. Yeda [2006] EWHC 160 (CH): [2006] EWCA Civ. 1094 and [2007] UK HL 43;
  • Nokia Corporation .v. InterDigital Technology Corporation [HC 04C0 1952 and HC 05C0 2026];
  • Danisco v. Novozymes [HC 10 CO 2358]

Trade Secrets: Confidential Information

  • 1985-1995 Pilkington Plc: PPG Industries Inc: Three UK Arbitrations
  • Kitechnology BV v. Unicor GmbH 1994 (CA)

Publications and Lectures

  • Speaker and Panellist: Fordham University School of Law Annual Conferences on Intellectual Property Law & Policy, New York and Cambridge, 1992-2012 and 2016.
  • Dispute Resolution Boards for Disputes involving Intellectual Property Rights" The DRBF (Dispute Resolution Board Foundation) 15th. Annual International Conference, Genoa, Italy (May 2015).
  • What is best - Mediation, Arbitration or the Courts?" PraxisUnico 2015 Conference: ExpandingHorizons.(Dublin, Ireland)
  • How to calculate FRAND." Patents in Telecoms: November 5-6, 2015 Washington D.C.
  • “No Annulment of Arbitral Award in Patent License dispute as contrary to Art.101 TFEU: Genentech, Inc. v Hoechst GmbH/Sanofi Aventis GmbH." Kluwer Blog (May 2016)
  • “Court of Justice affirms Arbitral Award in International Patent License dispute compliant with Art.101 TFEU.” Kluwer Blog (July 2016)
  • “Arbitration of IP/Patent Disputes”: LLM Module, Kings College, London (February 2016).
  • "The Med/Arb alternative for Patent Disputes in Europe": CEIPI 13th and 14th Courses on Patent Litigation in Europe (Strasbourg 2016 and 2017).
  • "Industry 4.0 and FRAND Licensing" IPDR (Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution) Forum/TheMax Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition: Munich (March 2017).
  • "How to find your way in IP alternative dispute resolution: Part 1 ADR for disputes involving SEPs in the Telecoms and IT sectors: Part 2 ADR for disputes in the Life Sciences sector." LESI 2017 Annual Conference (April 24-25 2017 Paris).
  • "Cross-cultural issues in Mediation": WIPO Mediators' Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland (March 24 2017).
  • "ADR - Arbitration and Mediation of Patent Disputes." IP Law Summer School, Downing College, Cambridge (August 2017 and 2018)
  • “Rights of Employee Inventors in the United Kingdom under the Patents Act 1977,” co-author with P. A. Molyneux, Industrial Property Law, 1979, 353;
  • “Intellectual Property Information: An EEC Perspective,” in Biotech 83, pp. 143-156;
  • “Know-How / Confidential Information: An EEC Perspective,” in Computer Law International, January 30 to February 1, 1984, the Arizona Law & Technology Institute;
  • “Copyright & Industrial Designs,”  The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, April 1985;
  • “Multi-Claimant Litigation in the Wake of the EC Directive on Product Liability - A British Perspective,” The Association of Managing Counsel, Scottsdale, Arizona, September 1988;
  • Intellectual Property and the EEC:  1992, co-author with Ian Starr, Clifford Chance 1988 publication;
  • “EEC Aspects of Patent/Anti-Trust: EC Regulation 556/89 Know How Licensing Block Exemption,” Patent Anti-Trust Conference, Practising Law Institute, New York City, April 6 to 7, 1989 and San Francisco, April 27 to 28, 1989;
  • “Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law in the United Kingdom and the EEC,” co-author with Daniel Alexander, Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, Republic of Korea, October 18 to 22, 1989;
  • “EEC Aspects of the EC Commission’s 1992 Programme,” International Patent Club, New York, December 1989;
  • “Transnational Legal Practice in Europe,” American Intellectual Property Law Association, Mid-Winter Meeting, Boca Raton, Florida, January 1991;
  • “Foreign Principles of Intellectual Property / Anti-Trust,” Intellectual Property / Anti-Trust Seminar, Practising Law Institute, New York City, June 22-23, 1992;
  • “Proving Patent Infringement in the United Kingdom,” International Patent Club, June 3, 1993;
  • “The European Community Draft Technology Transfer Regulation,” David Perkins & Marleen van Kerckhove, Practising Law Institute, New York City, September 19-20, 1995;
  • “Foreign Principles of Intellectual Property/Anti-Trust” (co-author with Marleen van Kerckhove), European Economic Community Law, November 1995, Business Laws Inc.;
  • “A New EC Block Exemption for Patent Licenses and Know-How Licenses” (co-author with Marleen van Kerckhove), American Intellectual Property Law Association, Mid-Winter Meeting, La Quinta, January 1996;
  • “Patent Infringement and Forum Shopping in Europe,” Fourth Annual Conference on International Intellectual Property Law & Policy, Fordham University School of Law, New York City, April 1996;
  • “Claim Interpretation: the United Kingdom and Germany - A Comparative Study” (co-author with David Rosenberg), Marcus B. Finnegan Memorial Lectures, George Washington University Law School, Washington DC, September 1996;
  • “The WIPO Perspective on Resolution of Intellectual Property Disputes,” Asian Patent Summit, Hong Kong, September 1996;
  • “The EU Technology Transfer Block Exemption for Patent and Know-How Licenses” (co-author with Marleen van Kerckhove), Practising Law Institute, San Francisco, October 1996;
  • “Trade Mark Developments in 1996” (co-author with Helen Bolton), Pharmaceutical Trade Mark Group Conference, London, March 1997;
  • “Protection of Global Creativity & Ingenuity at the Millennium - Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the European Union,” New York State Bar Association, New York, June 1997;
  • “European Union Exhaustion of Rights” (co-author with Marleen van Kerckhove), Practising Law Institute, New York, September 1997;
  • “No Bolar in Europe: No Patent Term Erosion,” and “Alternative Dispute Resolution of Intellectual Property Disputes,” Third Annual Henry Stewart Conference, “Protecting and Challenging Pharmaceutical Patents,” London, September 1997;
  • “International Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights (co-author with David Roserberg), Insight Conference, New York, February 1998;
  • “EC Anti-Trust Laws as they apply to IRPs”, AIPLA Mid-Winter Meeting, La Quinta, January 1998;
  • “Super Generic Drugs & Patent Busting” (co-author with Duncan Curley”, SMI Ltd., London, March 1998;
  • “Recent developments in Product Liability Law in the United Kingdom and the European Union, Association of Managing Council, Palm Springs, April 1998;
  • “Patent Protection in Europe”, Panellist, Fordham University School of Law Sixth Annual Conference on Intellectual Property Law & Policy, New York, April 1998;
  • “Injunctive Relief in Intellectual Property cases in the United Kingdom: Transborder Pan-European Injunctions in the European Union (co-author with David Rosenberg and Donagh O’Malley), Beirne Maynard & Parsons L.L.P. Intellectual Property Litigation International Seminar, Houston, May 1998;
  • “The EC Green Paper on the Community Patent”:  “The EU Biotechnology Directive”:
  • “Marketing Authorisations - Local Representatives and the Single Trade Mark”: “The Bolar exception - not for Europe”, Generics ‘98 Conference, Brussels, June 1998;
  • “Patent Law Development in the European Union as they affect the Pharmaceutical Industry”, Utilising & Capitalising onn Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacogenetics: in Drug Discovery Development and Diagnostics”, IBC Global Conferences, London, September 1998;
  • “International Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights” (co-author with Marleen van Kerckhove), Practising Law Institute, San Francisco, November 1998;
  • “Three Dimensional Trade Marks in Europe” and “Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights”, theInfluence of Intellectual Property on World Economic, Quick Off the Mark, Monte-Carlo, September 1999;
  • “Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights - The EU Perspective” (co-author with Marleen van Kerckhove and David Rosenberg), Practising Law Institute, San Francisco, November 1999;
  • “Discovery in Foreign Jurisdiction: Enforcing Judgements Abroad” (co-author with David Rosenberg), Litigating Trademark, Trade Dress and Unfair Competition Cases: American Law Institute: American Bar Association - Washington DC, November 1999.
  • “International Exhaustion of IPRs” (David Perkins-Lecturer), Verona Intellectual Property Center, Italy, May 2002;
  • “Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights”, (David Perkins – Speaker and Lecturer), Transnational Perspective on Intellectual Property Law and Communications Law, (Session 381), The Salzburg Seminar, Salzburg, Austria, August 2000;
  • “IP Rights on the Internet”, (David Perkins) – Chairman, Euroforum, London, November 2000;
  • “The Latest Developments in EU Licensing Law”, (David Perkins and Marleen van Kerckhove): Practising Law Institute, San Francisco, November 2000;
  • “Third Patent System for Europe? (David Perkins), PricewaterhouseCoopers IPLF (Intellectual Property Leadership Forum), California, February 2001;
  • “Independent Investigations by the Panel, (David Perkins and Alan Limbury), WIPO Domain Name Panelists Meeting, Geneva, September 2001;
  • “European Community and Intellectual Exhaustion: Shades of Grey”, (David Perkins and Marleen van Kerckhove): Practising Law Institute, San Francisco, November 2001;
  • “The Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Patent Disputes, (David Perkins), World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Geneva, March 2002;
  • “European Patent Law: Recent Developments in EPO Case Law”, (David Perkins – Panelist), Fordham University School of Law Tenth Annual Conference on International Intellectual Property Law & Policy, New York, April 2002;
  • “Compulsory Licensing in Europe”, (David Perkins), “The Future of TRIPs: Impact of the Doha Public Health Declaration”, ICC/APLA Joint Conference, Paris, September 2002;
  • “Patent Litigation in England and Wales”, (David Perkins and Justin Lambert), AIPPI United States 2002 Annual Meeting, Washington DC, October 2002;
  • “Business Method Patents in Europe”, (David Perkins), Cardozo Law School Symposium, New York, November 2002;
  • “Patent Litigation in the United Kingdom”, (David Perkins – Lecturer), Politecnico di Milano, Italy, February 2003;
  • “Arbitration of Disputes involving IPRS” [David Perkins] 17th Annual DuPont IP CLE Seminar Wilmington (October 2003);
  • “European Community Case Law Update on Exhaustion of Rights and Refusal to License” [David Perkins, Marleen van Kerckhove and Christopher Stothers] Practising Law Institute Ninth Annual Institute for Intellectual Property Law, San Francisco (November 2003);
  • “European Union Technology Transfer Block Exemption” [David Perkins and Christopher Stothers] Practising Law Institute Ninth Annual Institute for Intellectual Property Law, San Francisco (November 2003);
  • “Intellectual Property and the Essential Facilities Doctrine” [David Perkins and Jay Simon] Licensing Executive’s Society [LES], Paris, France (March 2004);
  • “Forum Shopping in Europe – A United Kingdom Perspective” [David Perkins] AIPLA Spring Meeting, Dallas, Texas (May 2004);
  • “Experimental use Exemption in Europe : a need for clarification” [David Perkins] Fordham University School of Law – Twelfth Annual Conference International Intellectual Property Law and Policy, New York (April 2004);
  • “Hot Topics in Intellectual Property Law : Patents (Europe)” [David Perkins] American Bar Association IPL Conference, Toronto, Canada (June 2004);
  • “International Patent Litigation” [David Perkins] John Marshall Law School, Chicago (November 2004);
  • “Infringement by direct product of patented process: A view from the United Kingdom” [David Perkins] LESI Workshop 4 Munich, Germany (June 12 – 15, 2005);
  • “Litigation vs. Mediation: a Strategic Approach to selection of the best methods for management and/or settlement of disputes” [David Perkins] Centre for Law and Biotechnology University of Siena (July 10, 2005);
  • “Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses: Options and Common Pitfalls” [David Perkins] WIPO-SIAC Workshop on Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes and on WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution, Singapore (November 10 – 12, 2005);
  • “The Uniform Domain Name Policy” [UDRP] David Perkins] WIPO-SIAC Workshop on Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes and on WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution, Singapore (November 10 – 12, 2005);
  • “Arbitration under the WIPO Rules” [David Perkins] International Law Association – Arbitrating International Intellectual Property Disputes, Toronto, Canada (June 4 – 8, 2006);
  • “Litigation vs. Mediation: a Strategic Multi-Faceted Approach to the selection of the best methods for management and/or settlement of disputes” [David Perkins] Centre for Law and Biotechnology University of Siena (July 14 - 16, 2006);
  • “Where to Litigate in Europe and how to get there? – Tactical Considerations and Practical Strategies” [David Perkins - Chair] 15th Annual International Patent Litigation Conference, Knightsbridge, London (September 21-22, 2006);
  • “Patent Trolls: a pejorative or deserved epithet? Examining the phenomenon from both sides” (David Perkins - Chair) for Informa IBC Legal Conferences, December 8, 2006, London;
  • “When the domain name is identical or confusingly similar to the Complainant’s trademark” [David Perkins] Fifth IDRC International Seminar, Seoul, Korea (May 18, 2007);
  • “Avoid and Manage Patent Litigation: the ADR alterntive” [David Perkins] Stockholm (April 25, 2007);
  • “Litigation vs. Mediation: a strategic multi-faceted approach to the selection of the best methods for management and/or settlement of disputes” [David Perkins] Centre for Law and Biotechnology, University of Siena, Siena (July 13-15, 2007);
  • “Successful Patent Litigation in the UK and Europe” [David Perkins] Management Forum, London Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation (December 17, 2007);
  • “Contributory Infringement Overview from the United Kingdom” [David Perkins] UNION Porto Congress, Porto, Portugal (28-29 May 2008);
  • “Patent Litigation in Europe: the ADR alternatives” [David Perkins] University of Siena, The Second Step Securing the Competitive Advantage, Siena, Italy (July 4 - 6, 2008);
  • Instructor Singapore-WIPO Sub-Regional Workshop on Arbitration and Mediation in Intellectual Property (IP) Disputes, Singapore (August 19-21, 2008);
  • “Remedies available in Europe” [David Perkins ] 41st Congress of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property [AIPPI] Boston, USA (6 – 11 September 2008);
  • “Arbitration and Mediation” [David Perkins] Management Forum Successful Patent Litigation in Europe, London (October 13 – 14, 2008;
  • “Complex Patent Arbitration” [David Perkins] School of International Arbitration and WIPO London, UK (24 June 2009);
  • Panellist at Dusseldorf International Arbitration School, September 21-25, 2009.
  • “International Arbitration in Multinational IP Disputes” [David Perkins] International Bar Association (IBA) 2009 Conference, Madrid (8 October 2009)
  • Panellist at Prague International Arbitration Forum on Resolution of IP Disputes, October 23, 2009
  • WIPO/KOWI “Co-Ownership, consequences for breach of contract and dispute resolution - an English law perspective” [David Perkins], Negotiating International R&D and Technology Transfer Agreements - IPRs, Valuation and Dispute Resolution, Brussels, 12 November 2010
  • WIPO Mediation and Expedited Arbitration Scheme for Film and Media Related Disputes [David Perkins – Speaker / Panellist] World Intellectual Property Organization, Singapore (December 3, 2009);
  • Premier Cerle - Brussels IP Summit 2010 Arbitration / Litigation: a Choice Criteria Analysis - December 2-3, 2010
  • UNION Autumn ExCo Meeting, Vienna - “The proposed EU Unified Patent Court”, 28 October 2011
  • UNION Munich Round Table - “Insufficiency: a new graveyard for patents?”, Munich, 24 February 2012
  • Protective Orders in Arbitrations involving Patent disputes; Swiss Arbitration Association, 2015
  • Moderator of panel relating to the UPC at the Fordham International Intellectual Property Law Conference; New York, 2016
  • Arbitration of Patent Entitlement Disputes: ASA (Swiss Arbitration Association); AMC (Association of Managing Counsel); and WIPO; Zurich, 2016
  • "IP Disputes and their effective resolution ": IPDC (IP Dispute Resolution Conference), Vienna 2018.
  • "Managing disputes in the Life Sciences" (Abbott, Lack & Perkins) Nature Biotechnology Vol.36 No.8 August 2018.
  • “5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) – ADR of disputes relating to Standard-Essential Patents” London, July 2018.

Professional Training Mediation

  • WIPO Training Program on Mediation in Intellectual Property Disputes, May 1995; WIPO Advanced Mediation Workshop, May 1997;
  • WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Training Program, April 1998.

Professional Training in Arbitration

  • Instructor at WIPO Workshop for Arbitrators, Geneva, 2002 to 2007;
  • Instructor at WIPO Workshop on Domain Name Resolution, Geneva, November 2002; Session Leader at WIPO Domain Name Panelist Meeting, Geneva, November 2002; WIPO Domain Name Dispute Resolution Training Program, April 1998;
  • Instructor for the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Litigation Certificate for European Patent Attorneys; CEIPI, Strasbourg (2016): the Mediation and Arbitration of Patent disputes in the UPC
  • Lecturer for (part) of LLM Course on arbitration of disputes involving IPRs; Kings College London 2016, 2018
  • WIPO Workshop for Arbitrators, November 1996;
  • Diploma Course in International Commercial Arbitration, The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London, from October 1995.

Background and Education

  • Partner, Arnold & Porter, London, 2009-2013;
  • Partner, Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy LLP, London, 2003-2009;
  • Partner, Clifford Chance, 1987-2003;
  • Partner, Clifford-Turner, 1972-1987;
  • Associate, Theodore Goddard & Co, 1967-1972;
  • Qualifying Examination Part II, Law Society of England and Wales, 1969;
  • LL.B., Newcastle University, 1966.


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