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Dr. Peter Kamminga, Esq., Ph.D., Joins JAMS in New York

Dr. Peter Kamminga, Esq., Ph.D., Joins JAMS in New York

Experienced international lawyer and law professor joins JAMS as an arbitrator and mediator

New Panelist Announcement

New York – JAMS, the largest private provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services worldwide, is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Peter Kamminga, Esq., Ph.D. to its panel. Dr. Kamminga joins JAMS after 20 years of successfully mediating and co-mediating hundreds of complex civil disputes involving multiple parties, sophisticated questions of law, global jurisdictional issues and aggregate values of millions or billions of dollars.

Dr. Kamminga began his mediation career in Europe, where he honed his skills as an effective mediator working to negotiate and resolve complex challenges for large public and private entities. After moving to the U.S., he gained extensive hands-on experience working alongside Hon. Daniel Weinstein (Ret.). His in-depth and practical knowledge of complex cases makes him uniquely suited for and comfortable with handling matters involving cross-border aspects in any sector.

Based in the New York Resolution Center, Dr. Kamminga will serve as an arbitrator and mediator, handling disputes in banking, bankruptcy, business and commercial, class action and mass tort, construction defect, cross-border and international, cybersecurity and privacy, energy and utilities, financial markets, health care and insurance.

Dr. Kamminga’s international profile and multijurisdictional experience have enabled him to develop cultural competency, an in-depth appreciation for the challenges faced by cross-border business and a deep understanding of different legal systems.

Dr. Kamminga has a deep understanding of cross-border business as well as an extensive understanding of different legal systems and processes. His experience, combined with his dedication and commitment to advancing ADR, makes him an excellent addition to the JAMS panel in New York.

- Chris Poole, JAMS President and CEO

In addition to his work as a neutral, Dr. Kamminga is an associate professor of law and an internationally recognized expert and scholar. He has authored several books and dozens of articles on contract theory and dispute resolution. Dr. Kamminga is fluent in Dutch and has an excellent working knowledge of German and French.

Throughout my career, I’ve found that being a patient listener and asking the right questions can help resolve even the most complex matters. I am eager to bring this experience to JAMS as a neutral.

- Dr. Peter Kamminga, Esq., Ph.D., JAMS Neutral

Dr. Kamminga received an LL.B. and LL.M. from Groningen University (Netherlands) and an LL.M. from Columbia University School of Law. He obtained a Ph.D. from Tilburg University (Netherlands) and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation.

About JAMS – Local Solutions. Global Reach.

Founded in 1979, JAMS is the largest private provider of alternative dispute resolution services worldwide. JAMS successfully resolves and manages business and legal disputes by providing efficient, cost-effective and impartial ways to overcome barriers at any stage of conflict. JAMS offers customized dispute resolution services locally and globally through a combination of industry-specific experience, first-class client service, top-notch facilities and highly trained panelists.

With a roster of nearly 400 neutrals and 28 locations, JAMS resolves thousands of the world’s important cases every year. JAMS also offers remote dispute resolution through videoconferencing and other platforms. JAMS neutrals are adept at managing the resolution process whether they are conducting in-person or virtual hearings.

More information is available at, and you can connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and our JAMS ADR blog.

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