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JAMS Supports the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations

JAMS Supports the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations

JAMS joins organizations around the world in commitment to carbon footprint reduction and sustainable dispute resolution

General Announcements

Irvine, Calif. – JAMS, the largest private provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services worldwide, is proud to announce its support for the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations by signing the Green Pledge to help reduce the carbon footprint of dispute resolution.

Founded in 2019 by international arbitrator Lucy Greenwood, the Green Pledge was created to minimize the impact of her arbitration practice on the environment. The Green Pledge gained traction quickly within the broader arbitration community, and the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations was created. The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations seeks to raise awareness of the significant carbon footprint of dispute resolution and address the need for environmentally sustainable practices in arbitration, and it encourages all stakeholders to reduce their carbon footprint when resolving disputes.

We believe strongly in the mission of the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations and are proud to stand with our colleagues around the world in our commitment to a greener future for dispute resolution. As a global provider of alternative dispute resolution, we prioritize continuing to find opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint through the technologies we implement, resources we deploy and relationships we forge.

- Kimberly Taylor, JAMS president

As an institutional supporter of the Green Pledge, JAMS has committed to taking steps to minimize the environmental impact of the organization’s proceedings. This includes, but is not limited to, creating a workspace with a reduced environmental footprint; corresponding electronically and avoiding the use of printing, when possible; encouraging the use of videoconferencing facilities as an alternative to travel; using suppliers that are committed to reducing their environmental footprint; and offsetting carbon emissions for necessary travel.

It is JAMS’ goal to design its spaces to incorporate enhanced technology in over 40% of our conference rooms, as well to as integrate sustainability and wellness in the facilities. Currently, over 70% of JAMS Resolution Centers are in LEED-certified, energy efficient, class A buildings that also provide health, wellness and sustainability for their tenants. We aim to use sustainable products during construction that are manufactured locally, and we currently hold several contracts with carbon-neutral companies for lighting, flooring, furniture, ceiling tiles and other amenities that enhance our space as well as preserve the environment.

- Kimberly Taylor, JAMS president

JAMS’ commitment to the Green Pledge builds on its efforts over the past decade to reduce its carbon footprint across all its Resolution Centers. Unique design features to promote sustainability within JAMS Resolution Centers include the incorporation of green walls and more open space to draw in natural light and enhance the experience for those within our centers. JAMS Resolution Centers also prioritize efforts related to energy conservation, recycling, waste reduction, increased use of public transportation and community efforts to support the sustainable use of natural resources.

About JAMS – Local Solutions. Global Reach.

Founded in 1979, JAMS is the largest private provider of alternative dispute resolution services worldwide. JAMS successfully resolves and manages business and legal disputes by providing efficient, cost-effective and impartial ways to overcome barriers at any stage of conflict. JAMS offers customized in-person, virtual and hybrid resolution services locally and globally through a combination of industry-specific experience, first-class client service, the latest technology and highly trained mediators and arbitrators.

With a roster of over 400 neutrals and 29 locations, JAMS resolves thousands of the world’s important cases every year. JAMS neutrals are adept at managing the resolution process whether they are conducting in-person, virtual or hybrid hearings.

More information is available at, and you can connect with us on TwitterLinkedInFacebook and our JAMS ADR blog. To learn about diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at JAMS, visit

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