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The AAA-ICDR Foundation and the JAMS Foundation Grant $750,000 to Support the Ray Corollary Initiative

The AAA-ICDR Foundation and the JAMS Foundation Grant $750,000 to Support the Ray Corollary Initiative

Funding will help support the RCI's mission to increase diversity within the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) profession

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Irvine, Calif. and New York—The JAMS Foundation and the AAA-ICDR Foundation have granted $750,000 to support the Ray Corollary Initiative (RCI). The RCI is a nonprofit organization that seeks to remove barriers to appointing diverse arbitrators, mediators and other ADR neutrals to promote the use of all the available talent for ADR.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the AAA-ICDR Foundation and the JAMS Foundation for believing in and supporting our mission to break down the barriers that prevent ADR professionals from reaching their full potential. We look forward to our continued work to share knowledge, awareness and the resources that will help make meaningful improvements in the selection of diverse ADR neutrals.

- Prof. Homer C. La Rue, Chair of the Board of Directors for the RCI

Improving diversity in ADR is an enormous and important undertaking–one that requires every selector and every institution to make deliberate efforts toward ensuring that the best neutrals are put forward and selected in each case. This is the mission of RCI, which is supported financially and in practice by JAMS and the AAA. Our combined efforts promote the sustainability of ADR and promote user trust and satisfaction.

- Dr. Katherine Simpson, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the RCI.

The grant will support the continued operation of the RCI and the necessary activities to address the lack of diversity in the selection of ADR professionals and promote the appointment of diverse neutrals. The RCI works to increase the selection of diverse neutrals by fostering commitment to the RCI Pledge, which encourages the nomination of a slate of proposed neutrals at least 30% diverse* The RCI also provides research and tools to support the selection of diverse neutrals.

The JAMS Foundation is proud to partner with the AAA-ICDR Foundation to support the Ray Corollary Initiative. Its work is vital to help address head-on the need for greater diversity within the ADR field, and we believe its mission is crucial to helping to build a more equitable future that benefits us all.

- David Brandon, managing director of the JAMS Foundation

This funding will aid the RCI's goal of increasing awareness of the RCI Pledge and the 30% metric within the industry and will support organizations that have already signed the pledge. Additionally, the funding will help with the RCI's work to prepare and execute educational programs, conduct research and data collection on the impact of the pledge, and increase networking opportunities for ADR professionals, as well as other initiatives. These efforts are intended to help support every neutral's ability to have a fulfilling career in ADR, regardless of their background or any diversity-related obstacles they may face.

Creating long-term, sustainable change in an industry as large and multifaceted as the ADR industry is no small undertaking. We are so pleased to be able to support the Ray Corollary Initiative and its tremendous work in finding opportunities to bring together the legal community in a way that reinforces the need for diversity and embraces all neutrals and their skills, aptitudes and passion.

- Bridget McCormack, President and CEO of the AAA-ICDR

JAMS and the AAA signed the RCI Pledge in Spring 2023. The RCI Pledge reinforces both organizations' long-standing work to promote diversity in ADR. More information about JAMS' diversity efforts can be found here, and the AAA's diversity efforts can be found here.

More information about the Ray Corollary Initiative can be found here.

* Diverse neutral candidates are defined as Black, Hispanic, Latino/a/x, Indigenous, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), other people of color, women, persons of differing sexual orientations and gender identities, and persons living with disabilities.

About the AAA-ICDR Foundation

The American Arbitration Association-International Centre for Dispute Resolution Foundation (AAA-ICDR Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that is able to solicit donations and provide grants to fund a range of worthy causes that promote the Foundation's wide-reaching mission, which is to support the prevention and resolution of conflicts by expanding access to alternative dispute resolution.

Its priorities include fostering measures that prevent and reduce violence, bridge community conflict, and support diversity, equity, and inclusion with a focus on access to justice.

The Foundation is not involved in any way in the oversight, administration or decision making of the AAA- ICDR cases or in the maintenance of the AAA-ICDR's various rosters of arbitrators and mediators. For more information on the AAA-ICDR Foundation, please visit:

About the JAMS Foundation

The nonprofit JAMS Foundation was established in 2002 by JAMS, the largest private provider of alternative dispute resolution services worldwide. The mission of the JAMS Foundation is to provide financial assistance for conflict resolution initiatives with national and international impact and to share its dispute resolution expertise for the benefit of the public interest.

The Foundation is funded entirely by contributions from JAMS neutrals, executives and associates, and a substantial annual donation from JAMS. To uphold the company's core value of neutrality, the Foundation accepts no donations outside of JAMS. The Foundation currently comprises 300 principal benefactors and has provided more than $12 million in grant funding since its inception.

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